There is no way to make hearing your alarm tone and attempting to get out of bed in the morning any easier, no matter how many hours of sleep you receive each night.

Although technology cannot yet guarantee that you will wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning, technologies such as smart alarm clocks are assisting in reducing the strain on your body by enabling convenient home automation and more friendly wake-up calls.

For your convenience, we’ve evaluated and given our recommendations on some of the very best smart alarm companions for your bedside table, including products from Amazon, Google, and businesses that provide a more conventional clock look.

There’s something for every budget, so let’s get started on making your mornings a little less stressful.

Check out our list of the top wake-up lights available for alarm systems that gradually wake you up with light if you’re looking for something a little different as well.

Best 10 smart alarm clocks

1.Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

In terms of functionality, Google’s second version of the Nest Hub marks a significant shift, with the display now capable of serving as a dedicated sleep tracker.

When you sleep, your smart display can monitor your slumber, present you with a detailed report, and, if necessary, gently wake you up when it is time to get up. In the long run, suggestions based on how peaceful your sleep has been trending will be provided, with even more information available in Google Fit.

Aside from the fact that it comes pre-installed with Google Assistant and has an unexpectedly decent speaker, this is a great choice for your bedside table.

2.Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo takes the top spot on our list with a gadget that is specifically intended for use in your bedroom. It’s a little smart display with Google Assistant pre-installed, but it also has a number of innovative features that make it a fantastic addition to your bedside table.

As an example, unlike other displays, its auto-brightness technology ensures that it is appropriately dark throughout the night while having access to all of your smart home controls and the Google Assistant is almost luxurious.

3.Amazon Echo Dot with clock (4th Gen)

In the past, Amazon has put a tiny LED display on its Echo Dot devices, and the 4th Generation model has now gotten the same treatment.

You receive all of the same features as the Echo Dot and Alexa, with the additional advantage of a tiny display for quickly checking the time, setting alarms, setting timers, and doing other things. As a result, it is an obvious choice for your bedside table.

As long as you don’t mind Amazon placing microphones near your bed, this is a no-brainer.

4.Smartro SC91 Projection Alarm Clock

the best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 18

If you’re the kind of person that needs a lot of information from their bedside companion, go no further than this.

The Smartron SC91 Projection Alarm Clock not only includes a thermometer, but also displays the current weather conditions, the current time, and the exterior temperature.

And what could be more amazing than a projector that displays the current time and interior temperature on the wall?

It even has a humidity indicator built-in. In reality, it’s difficult to squeeze in all of the functions that this clock offers, and the alarm function is just a tiny part of the whole package.

However, if you want a wireless weather station on your nightstand, this is the device for you.

5.Anker Wakey

The Best Smart Alarm Clocks For 2020 Wake Up In Style image 1

But it’s possible that you prefer a more conventional alarm clock experience with a dash of smart technology thrown in for good measure.

Anker has responded with the Wakey, a fantastic wireless speaker that, like the Pure alarm clock above, also includes a wireless charging station on top of it for your phone, as well as an LED display similar to the Echo Dot with Clock’s to allow you to check the time at any time. In our opinion, it’s a really well-made piece of equipment.

6.Pure Siesta Charge

The Best Smart Alarm Clocks For 2020 Wake Up In Style image 1

Simply said, having this gadget in your house is a fantastic thing to have. In addition to serving as an alarm clock, you can place your Qi-compatible phone on top of it and it will charge overnight.

Due to the fact that it is from Pure, the Siesta Charge is a DAB+ and FM radio with three alarms (all of which may be set for daily or single-use), different radio presets, and a Bluetooth speaker.

An additional USB connector is located on the rear, which may be used to recharge other devices, such as an Apple Watch or a pair of headphones. It’s also available in several colors, including graphite and white.

7.Philips SmartSleep

the best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 17

If you’re looking for an alarm clock that also serves as a light, the Philips SmartSleep alarm clock may be the one for you.

It makes use of a wake-up light that simulates the dawn, which helps your body gradually wake up and improve your circadian rhythm over the course of the day. The level of the alarm sound is also gradually increased so that you are not startled awake when you wake up.

It offers a few useful features, but they are not quite on the same level as those offered by the other choices on our list.

This choice is all about combining an alarm clock with a light that improves your mood. Why not buy both if you’re in desperate need of either?

8.Amazon Echo Show 5 (2021)

Additionally, Amazon offers a separate Echo gadget that might work well for your nightstand, and this one has a more serious screen for more serious conversations.

This is Amazon’s smallest smart display, and we believe it works best as an alarm clock, which is why we recommend it. Alexa is very excellent at setting routines and alarms, and the display may be used as a digital photo frame or for any purpose you want during daytime hours.

A built-in camera is also included, which is excellent news for people who like video chatting with others. If the idea of having a camera on your bedside table makes you uncomfortable, rest assured that a privacy shield is also available for your complete peace of mind.

9.I-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

the best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 20

With a beautiful and soft-touch felt front, I-alarm Box’s clock conceals a digital clock display that is neatly hidden behind the front.

It also functions as a tiny Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to Apple Music, Spotify, or other streaming services with relative ease.

The fact that this alarm clock also serves as a charger is maybe the greatest feature.

It is not necessary to make additional space on your bedside table; just place your Qi-compatible phone on top of the clock to charge it wirelessly instead.

10.Hatch Restore

the best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 19

Introducing the Hatch Restore, a smart alarm clock that incorporates a warm glow to enable you to create a personalized sleep routine.

You will be gently roused in the morning by a slow increase in light intensity that simulates the dawn, which is an excellent method to reset your circadian cycle.

In addition, you may include any noises that you like – perhaps the sounds of birds can aid you in gently waking up from the depths of sleep.

Additionally, there is a linked app and associated membership that allows you to have even greater access to various moods. If you’re searching for a little variation, it’s well worth it.

11.Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock

the best smart alarm clocks 2020 wake up in style photo 21

Even though it seems to be a simple alarm clock, with its big digital display and Bluetooth connectivity, the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock allows you to select your own music for listening to in the morning.

It also has a radio connection, so if you want, you may wake up to the sounds of the radio in the morning.

It’s also customizable, so you can choose the schedule that works best for you and not have to worry about whether or not the alarm will sound every morning.


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