As video game quality improves, so do the system requirements. Better hardware, such as high-quality microphones and headphones, will be required to enjoy the gaming experience. In fact, more and more gamers are looking for the finest gaming studio headphones.

Soundstage and imagery are important in many games today. You need a neutral sonic profile or a rich low-end sound quality while recording or live streaming your games. Studio headphones provide gamers with realistic and authentic sound quality. With excellent studio headphones, you can easily locate gunshots and footsteps. Comfort and clarity should also contribute to an engaging gaming experience.

It seems that gamers are prepared to sacrifice style for sound quality. Nobody loves echoes in their gaming headphones. Unlike their more expensive but inferior cousins. Gamers want multi-purpose headphones. Finding the best means finding a pair that can do all of these things. Now, a simple internet search yields hundreds of studio headphone manufacturers. Most of these companies say their product is the greatest. This is not always the case, and you should not rush into buying excellent studio headphones. Which studio headset is best for you? Don’t worry, we’ve done our homework and reviewed it.

Review For Best Studio Headphones For Gaming 

How can one headset meet all of these distinct needs?

That’s what we did.

We looked at the top headphones in each category and chose the ones with the most characteristics in common.


1.Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

It is a redesigned and improved version of its predecessors, and it has been designed to address all of the minor problems that plagued the original design, resulting in a more usable product.

It may be worn for extended gaming marathons, long commuting, or in the studio.

Simply said, this headset is a dream.

The headbands and ear cups are padded and swivel for storage.

Despite its size, the headset weighs just 283 grams and has a light clamping force.

This means you can wear it all day without any pain.

It has a detachable cable.

This headphone also provides a detailed sound.

It will make every little and weak instrument recording sound crystal clear.

The treble and midrange are also extremely detailed.

There is no distortion or muddiness.

All the songs are nicely mixed and never overwhelmed by other tracks.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50X will amaze you with its audio balance whether you use them to listen to music or to improve your gaming experience.


Plush ear cups and a generously cushioned headband enhance the style.
Removable 3. 5mm connection cable
Provides a respectable level of noise isolation.
The audio profile is very well-balanced and precise.
The bass is strong, and the highs are crystal clear.
Disadvantages: Ear cups may be swiveled up to 90 degrees for storage


The soundstage is constrained and closes in on itself.
When compared to some of the other headphones on our list, the image is not very remarkable.

2.Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO is one of the most reasonably priced headphones on our list, coming in at just under $100.

Furthermore, it provides an excellent acoustic profile in relation to its pricing.

When it comes to design, the DT 770 PRO isn’t something to write home about.

Because of the metal headband and the wide round ear cups, this headset is very pleasant to use for extended periods of time when playing video games.

The clamping force may be a little strong right out of the box, but it gradually becomes less so after a few hours of wearing it.

While not quite as polished as that of a ‘pure’ studio headphone, the sound is nonetheless enjoyable.

However, it still delivers much better sound quality than the typical pair of headphones.

The midrange is well-rendered, and the bass has a significant amount of power to it.

The mids are clear and not thin, and the highs have the same level of clarity as the mids and highs.

There will be no distortion or grainy sound effects to be heard in this recording.

The audio and voice, on the other hand, may come off as a touch too remote.

When it comes to the soundstage, it sounds very much like a 7.

Even in basic stereo mode, you may enjoy 1 surround sound.

In addition, the imaging is very exact.

As long as you keep your ears open for gunshots and footsteps, you won’t have any problems.

Furthermore, unless you want to crank the volume up, there is little to no leakage in any direction.

The only drawback of the DT770 PRO is that it comes with a permanently attached cord, which is a little inconvenient.

A detachable one would have increased the mobility of the device.


Produces audio of high quality for professionals
Pricing that is reasonable
The bass is powerful, the mids are properly portrayed, and the highs are absolutely clear on this recording.
The soundstage and image are both very impressive.
There is very minimal leaking.
The ear cushions are removable and are ideal for prolonged wear and tear.


There is no way to remove the cord.
The voice and audio may come off as a bit distant at times.

3.Sennheiser HD800S 

The Sennheiser HD800S gaming headphones were described as “Godly” by a professional gamer when we asked him about the sound of the headphones while gaming.

These extremely popular headphones from the German company are the epitome of what makes them so appealing.

These are a set of prosumer headphones that provide one of the most expansive soundstages available.

When you use the headphones, the drivers are positioned in front of your ears (at a reasonable distance) by the design of the ear cups. Instead of sounding like a set of loudspeakers in front of you, it sounds like a set of powerful speakers above your ears.

Generally speaking, big soundstages and directional cues don’t go along very well. With this, though, you’ll be able to hear every single instrument and sound effect that was added to the soundtrack. All of the sound effects, including footsteps and gunfire, explosions, and conversation, kind of jump out at you, sounding incredibly clear and sharp.

There is no muddiness in the mids, the treble never sounds harsh, and the bass never overpowers the rest of the spectrum.

There is enough impact to please even the most demanding gamer who craves bass. Yet, when compared to any of the super-bass headphones available today, it sounds much superior. If it makes sense, explosions will be sensed, but there will be no frenetic sound, as opposed to what you would expect.

It should be noted that the Sennheiser HD800S is one of the comfiest headphones you will ever wear. A combination of metal and plastic is used in the construction, and it rests on your head rather than gripping it. There is enough cushioning on the metal headband to enable hours of continuous usage without feeling uncomfortable.

The ear cups feature soft cushions with a microfiber coating to keep you comfy while you’re listening to music.

A 56mm transducer and drivers, which are positioned at an angle to imitate the sound of a pair of speakers, may be found under the ear cups for those who are more interested in technical details.

The HD800S is shipped with a 10-foot copper cable that is coated in Kevlar and terminates in a 6.3mm phono connector at the other end.

Regardless matter whether you are a professional sound recordist who wants to dabble in gaming, or the other way around, the HD800S delivers a highly pleasant-sounding experience.


The sound stage is very large.
Surround sound at a convenient place that is simple to find
The sound quality is exceptional.
Ear cups with a cushion and a microfibre covering are large and comfortable.
A clamping force that is ideal for continuous usage
Transducer with a 56mm diameter
Angled drivers that resemble huge speakers in front of the ear canals are used.
Kevlar-coated copper wire measuring 10 feet in length

4.AKG K702

The AKG K702 studio headphones are considered to be among the best available.

As a result, it features a highly neutral sound profile, which means that you will hear the soundtrack precisely as it was meant to be heard. The headphones don’t add much warmth to it, nor do they increase the bass volume significantly.

To refresh the memory of those who are unfamiliar with the name, AKG is an Austrian company that is very famous among professional recording engineers and artists. In terms of pricing, the K702 is one of their more affordable options, yet it delivers studio-quality sound in a consumer-grade package.

Headphones having a very wide soundstage that is open-back in design. With great detailing, you will be able to feel the air and space in the track. This will capture every little feature and replicate it with pinpoint accuracy.

Everything, whether it’s the mids, the treble, the bass, or the voices, has a neutral sound. To put it simply, it is the simplest way to explain it.

While not as impressive as the directional imaging provided by any flashy gaming headphones available, it is nonetheless impressive. There is no 7.1 surround sound, which is something that manufacturers frequently advertise. In FPS games, on the other hand, you may pinpoint the directions with pinpoint precision.

Like any open-back headphone design, there is very little noise cancellation available. However, it sounds so immersive that we have our doubts that anything in the immediate area would be able to distract you.

The quality of the build is also excellent. It is made of a classic dual-rod, spring-loaded harp design with a leather band that is worn around your head to keep it in place. There isn’t much padding on the band, but it’s unlikely that you’ll even realize it’s there since the band is so thin. The 3D foam ear cushions are comfortable enough to wear all day.

Furthermore, the clamping force is not excessive, and it is simple to adapt it to the individual’s head size.

Here are a few technical elements for your consideration.

In addition, the K702 is equipped with a Patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm, which enhances the performance at various frequencies. It makes use of a flat-wire coil, which increases the sensitivity as well as the responsiveness in the treble and impulsive ranges.

It comes with a 10-foot cable with a 6.3mm phono connector and a 3.5mm converter built-in, as well as a carrying case.


Headphones that have a neutral sound
The appearance of studio quality in a consumer product
The soundstage is very large and expansive.
It is ideal for directional indications.
Excellent attention to detail
Earcups made of 3D foam are attached to a leather headband.
Design with an open back


These headphones do not produce a colorful sound, which is something that most gaming headphones do. That is not a disadvantage in and of itself. However, many end consumers are dissatisfied when they hear a headset that has a neutral tone to it.

5.EPOS Sennheiser Game ONE

The design of this headset is based on the Sennheiser standard.

The headband may be worn over your ears in a comfortable manner.

In addition to being comfortable, the ear cup paddings enable your ears to breathe.

Even after many hours of gaming, your ears will not ache.

Furthermore, since it has an impedance of 50 ohms, it will enhance your gaming experience overall.

Additionally, the noise-canceling microphone will aid your teammates in understanding what you are saying.

Moreover, the microphone may be utilized for clear audio recordings and internet calls.

It is possible to watch television and listen to music in high-quality audio with a frequency range of 15-28,000Hz when using this device.

It is an excellent headphone arrangement for gaming and listening to music.

Integrated inside the cable is a volume control switch for your convenience.

The microphone may be muted simply by lifting the boom arm, which is made possible by the design’s simplicity.

It has a 3.5mm audio jack as well as a microphone audio jack.

However, if your computer just has an audio output, you will need to purchase a microphone and an audio splitter.

However, despite the fact that the microphone has noise-canceling capabilities, the headset is unable to block background noise.

This occurs as a result of the way the program is programmed.


Earphones that are comfortable to wear
A noise-canceling microphone is included.
It is capable of producing high-quality sound.
The device is equipped with a separate microphone and audio jack.


It is not possible to cancel background noise.
It is possible that you may need to purchase a microphone and an audio splitter.

6.Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile

Despite the fact that the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X headphone is simple to set up, it provides a wide and expansive soundstage.

It is not too costly, and it offers an excellent gaming environment.

Aside from that, the overall build quality of this headset is excellent.

It’s not as if the headset is invincible, but it does seem to be very durable.

It has a cheap appearance due to the fact that it is constructed of plastic, yet it is very sturdy.

Each of the ear cups is composed of plush velour material and is held together by two metal wires.

They have a substantial weight to them, are fairly thick and large, and fit nicely around the ears.

The headband has a small layer of padding on it, which is comfortable to wear, and the clamping pressure is quite light.

For extended gaming sessions, the general comfort of the headset makes it an excellent choice.

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X delivers a sound that is well-balanced and very detailed in its reproduction.

Despite the fact that the bass is light, it is present, precise, and powerful.

Furthermore, the bass never becomes overpowering or interferes with the midrange.

The voices and mids have a lot of detail, are sharp, and are crystal clear.

Aside from that, the treble may be a bit too loud at times, but it can also show tiny details that are simple to distinguish.

When coupled with a wide soundstage and crystal-clear sound, it is one of the finest studio headphones for gaming on the market.

The sounds of footsteps, gunfire, explosives, and even faint movement may all be heard and located with relative ease.


It produces a sound that is very clean and detailed.
The ear cups are very pleasant to wear.
The soundstage is enormous, and the separation is excellent.
At a reasonable price


The treble is a touch too bright in places.
It has a lengthy non-detachable cable for connecting to other devices.

7.Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

The ATH-M50X is a headset that is very pleasant to use. The headband and ear cups have been strengthened, and the ear cups have been designed to be swiveled for storage convenience.

The clamping force is low, and despite the fact that these headphones seem to be a little hefty, they only weigh 283 grams, which means that you can wear them all day without experiencing any pain. It also comes with a cable that may be removed.

A close-back design guarantees that ambient noise is kept to a bare minimum, if at all. Sound doesn’t leak in or leak out, which is what most gamers want since it keeps them from hearing other people.

When it comes to the audio quality, it is very nicely balanced. Gaming enthusiasts who like a bassy, booming sound will be pleased with the bass’s punch. Punches, gunfire, and everything else burst out from the recording studio.

The middle and treble are very distinct and clear, and there is no muddiness or distortion in the sound. Throughout the album, the vocals and music are expertly blended such that they are never overwhelmed by the other songs. Regardless matter whether you are a casual music listener or a more discriminating audiophile, you will be pleased with the sound balance of the system.

There is also a great deal of attention to detail. Even the tiniest, most insignificant instrument recordings sound crystal clear.

However, the image is not as good as it might be compared to some of the other headphones on this list. Please do not misunderstand us. You’ll still be able to pick up on location signals, however.

However, it is not as accurate as of the AKG-K702 or the DT-770 Pro, which are also available options.

The DT-770 Pro is your best option if you want a broad soundstage with a closed-back design in your home theatre system. The M50X, on the other hand, is a great choice if you are seeking a more consumer-friendly design with a more balanced sound profile.


The best-selling headphones from Audio Technica
The design has been improved with a generously cushioned headband and soft ear cups.
A cord with a 3.5mm connection that can be removed
Because of the close-back design, there is good noise isolation.
Great balance in the sound profile, with a lot of detail.
The bass is punchy, and the highs are crystal clear.
Ear cups may be stored by swiveling them 90 degrees.


The soundstage is closed and restricted.


Our favourite headphones when they first came out were the Hifiman HE400s, which were introduced in 2007. That was a long time ago.

Massdrop, on the other hand, has made it clear that they have no intention of relinquishing their position as the industry’s leading provider of planar magnetic headphones at an affordable price.

However, there are some much-needed improvements. In the first place, the stainless steel headband has been completely redesigned. The ear cups, which are now known as the Focus-A hybrid pads, have also changed.

These are made of leather and are lined with a comfortable velour. What about marathon tournaments? It’s not an issue. These are very soft and comfy.

Let’s speak about sound.

If you are listening to a planar magnetic headset for the first time, you may be a bit taken aback by the sound quality. There will be a significant increase in the low-end frequency range. However, that is how planar headphones work.

We don’t hear very many players express dissatisfaction. The explosions, bass-heavy music, and bullets will all be very impressive. What this means is that you can use an equalizer to make the bottom end more prominent, and it will still sound natural and not distorted like dynamic drivers.

However, when compared to the other two frequencies, the mids seem a bit weak and lacking in clarity and definition. Nothing too flimsy here, believe me. However, when compared to previous lows and highs, it is still on the weaker side.

Due to the fact that they are open-back headphones, the sound stage is very expansive.

It is important to note that the arrangement of various instruments and foley noises is done with great precision. You should have no trouble determining which directions the noises are coming from, which may help you make better decisions in certain games.

The Drop + HIFIMAN HE4XX gaming headphones are a fantastic set of headphones that we would suggest to anybody seeking a nice pair of gaming headphones. These are an excellent entry point into the world of planar magnetic headphones, and they don’t sound all that, unlike their much more costly rivals in terms of sound quality.

Check them out if you haven’t already.


Planar magnetic headphones are available at a low cost.
Stainless steel headband with substantial cushioning that is both comfortable and stylish.
Ear cups with Focus-A hybrid ear cushions that are soft and comfortable.
Ideal for all-day wear and tear.
The low and high end is a bit hefty, but the mids are good.
Excellent attention to detail
A large sound stage with outstanding imaging is provided.


Noise isolation is lacking.
This is not a transportable design.

9.Sennheiser HD 599 SE

The Sennheiser HD 599 SE headset, which is one of the most recent models on our list, provides some of the most balanced tones available on the studio headphones market.

The HD 599 SE is based on the Sennheiser design that has been around for decades.

The headband is made of extremely soft cushioning and is designed to wrap over the ear cups.

Despite the fact that the design is simple, it is ideal for both recording and broadcasting game sessions.

It comes with a 3m cable and is permanently attached with a jack, making it ideal for studio usage.

In addition, you will get a shorter extension cord.

Its 50-ohm impedance makes the HD 599 SE an excellent gaming headset, and it is available in black and white colours.

However, in order to take full use of it, you will need a high-quality audio system.

What distinguishes it from the other newcomers on our list is its capacity to offer greater clarity when you apply more force to it than the others.

The bass is a bit underpowered, but the middle provides even more voice clarity than the bass.

The headset is ideal for games with complicated narrative modes, but it is not the most inexpensive choice among studio headphones available on the market.


  • The mids and highs are very distinct.
  • Design that is both comfortable and straightforward
  • With increased strength, the sound becomes crisper.
  • Comes with an additional shorter cable as an extra.


Exorbitantly priced
The bass is not of very high quality.

10.Sennheiser HD 350BT 

It is possible to immerse yourself in gaming for hours on end with the Sennheiser HD 579 headset since it offers a near-perfect quality of sound in a fashionable package.

Its transducer technology and Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.) design ensure that the sound is sent directly to your ears, ensuring that you don’t miss a single detail.

It comes with a 3-meter cable that has 6.3mm and 3.5mm connectors on each side.

The ear cups are big and very comfortable.

Their ergonomic design completely encloses your ears and allows for a pleasant gaming experience.

The broad headband is padded to provide you with even more security and comfort when wearing it.

Apart from that, thanks to the over-the-ear and acoustically open design, as well as the high-quality Sennheiser transducers, you will hear an incredibly detailed and well-balanced sound image, which will help you detect every sound in stealth and first-person shooter games.

In addition, the HD 579 has a velvety-smooth and soft tone to it.

As a result, it is ideal for usage in the studio.

While the drums make a strong statement, the bass notes are deep and full, and the vocals are expressive.

The HD 579 does not have any jagged edges on it.

The studio headphone, on the other hand, sacrifices insight and transparency in exchange for its even tones.

If you like listening to low-resolution music on Spotify, this is a fantastic option for you.

In general, they are excellent open-back headphones for gaming purposes.


The bass is great, but it is kept under control.
The mids are forward-thinking and open in their approach.
Produces a sound that is very articulate and devoid of distortion
Wearing this item is both comfortable and delicate.
There is a lot of depth and smoothness to the sound.
It has a very huge soundstage.


Easily irritated by background noise
A great deal of sound is leaked.

How To Select The Best Studio Headphones For Gaming

In order to do professional activities like recording, mixing, and arranging songs, studio headphones must have a neutral sound signature, which implies that they should not be used for listening to music.

Gaming headphones, on the other hand, are a whole other animal.

This kind of system is usually built with a noticeable heavy bottom end, good imaging capabilities, a fairly broad sound stage, and some noise isolation..

Briefly said, they sound nothing like professional studio headphones.

As a result, while choosing gaming headphones, you must put aside any preconceived notions you may have about what gaming headphones should sound like in the first place.

Instead, here are some of the things to keep in mind while buying these kinds of items:

1.Sound Stage And Imaging

While a wide sound stage is not needed for a gaming headset, it enhances the immersive nature of the listening experience, which is essential for gaming.

Imaging, on the other hand, was one of the elements that we considered while making our selections since it may be very helpful in some kinds of games, such as first-person shooters.

Open-back headphones feature large sound stages, which makes them seem more like you’re listening to a live band performing on stage than closed-back headphones. But there is a catch: they are well-known for leaking sound.

Comparing closed-back speakers to open-back ones, closed-back ones have somewhat smaller sound stages, but they may provide superior imaging and directional cues. (This is not always the case.)

Almost all of the headphones on this list offer great sound staging and good imaging skills.

2.Build Quality And Comfort

The majority of studio headphones are built to withstand a lot of abuse.

Whatever the material (aluminum, stainless steel, or heavy-duty plastic), the result is the same:

Any of the headphones on this list should be of high build quality, and you should have no issues with them. Most of these companies also provide replacement components in the event that one of their products is destroyed prematurely.

Gaming headphones need to be comfortable to use for long periods of time. There isn’t a workaround for this problem. You will begin to regret your choice to purchase them if they are uncomfortably heavy, excessively tight, or otherwise unsuitable.

In order to achieve this, we selected headphones that have sufficient cushioning, comfortable ear cups, detachable wires (with the exception of one), and are lightweight. Clamping force is a matter of personal preference, however, we have avoided headphones that are known to be excessively tight straight out of the box.


The average price for a majority of them is between $100 and $2500 dollars. Some may even be more expensive. Currently, there are a few studio headphones for gaming available for around $100, but it is very probable that they will generate poor sound quality, will be uncomfortable, or will cease functioning after just a few months of regular use.

It’s possible you may not have that sort of cash on hand, and we understand that. A low-cost studio headset with a variety of functions may seem to be a tempting buy at first glance. Why would you spend money on something that would fail or cease functioning within a few months after purchase, anyway?

As an alternative, you could hold off a little longer and save some money before opting for headphones that come with warranties and product replacements.

It is often recommended to purchase studio headphones that cost between $100 and $200.That is where you will discover headphones that not only provide excellent sound quality but are also very simple to set up and use. Depending on how expensive they are, you may need to fully update your gaming setup.

As a result, we recommend that you avoid them unless you have the necessary funds and systems in place to make them successful.

Studio headphones or Gaming headphones?

While looking for headphones, you’re likely to have come across the words “studio” and “gaming,” among other things. What is the difference between them, and what is the same?

Studio headphones are designed specifically for musicians and other professionals in the music industry. It is possible to use these headphones to mix and record various sounds, which is something that is usually done by musical aficionados these days. They do, however, have a tremendous deal of flexibility. They are thus useful if you are usually in the mood to listen to music on a regular basis.

Gaming headphones, also known as gaming headsets, on the other hand, are headphones that have been designed with specific characteristics that make them ideal for use in video games.

If you’re a gamer, you may wonder why you’d want to use studio headphones instead of gaming headsets, which are specially intended for playing games.

Here’s what I mean.

1.Studio headphones have an exceptionally long lifespan.

An excellent feature of professional-grade studio headphones is that they are very long-lasting. In order to ensure long-term durability, studio headphones are constructed of high-quality materials. Because of the robustness of the structure, you won’t have to be concerned about them getting damaged easily. Even if a component is damaged in some way, it is possible to replace and repair it quickly and easily.

It means you won’t have to be concerned about your headphones breaking into bits when you remove them in the middle of a fierce fight in the game out of sheer excitement or boredom.

2.Studio headphones provide a neutral listening experience.

Compared to other types of headphones, studio headphones provide outstanding audio quality. Every detail may be recognized and readily recognized by your ears since they are so sensitive. Because the sound is loud and articulate, it will provide you with an excellent gaming experience.

In addition, you may choose the optimum EQ settings for studio monitor headphones for first-person shooter gameplay.

3.The performance-to-price ratio of studio headphones is excellent.

One advantage of studio headphones is that they are not as expensive as other types of headphones. You will get the finest performance at the lowest possible cost, which is a significant gain.

4.Gaming headphones contain an excessive amount of bass

If you’re using your gaming headphones to listen to music, the sound generated by them may become too much to bear.

5.The use of gaming headphones places a strong emphasis on surround sound.

When it comes to gaming headphones, one feature that distinguishes them from the competition is their ability to reproduce the surround sound impression. While this is fantastic for the gaming experience, the surround sound impression may occasionally detract from the overall quality of the headphones themselves.

6.Distortion is produced by gaming headphones.

Gaming headphones lack a suitable mid-range frequency response. As a result of this disadvantage, the sound may become distorted. This may be harsh on the ears and distracting for the player, especially if he or she is required to wear the headphones for an extended length of time.


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