While speaking about what may have played a role in the Surfside Condo collapse near Miami last week, Vice President Biden expressed his worry about global warming.

The president said that he does not have any “solid evidence” as to what caused the collapse, which resulted in the deaths of 18 people and the disappearance of 145 others, but that there has been “reasonable conjecture,” including “whether or not increasing sea levels had an effect.”

In addition to visiting the site of the 12-story fall, Biden spent three hours talking with relatives of the victims. He expressed astonishment at how many of them brought up the topic of global warming during their time together. “I didn’t bring it up. The effect of global warming, on the other hand, was discussed by many survivors and their families “The president made the statement.

It wasn’t clear what they were talking about, but they mentioned increasing sea levels, a mix of that, and concerns about impending tropical storms.

Biden said that the loved ones of the victims are now “going through hell.” “It’s terrible enough to lose someone, but the worst thing, the truly difficult part, is not knowing whether they’re still alive or not,” he said, referring to the large number of people who have gone missing. He said that the families were “very realistic” about their prospects of survival, which were becoming lower with each passing day.

“Their fundamental, heartbreaking concerns were: “Will I be able to retrieve the body?” and “How long will it take?” How can I get closure if I don’t have the opportunity to bury them?” Biden expressed his gratitude to the families he met. Speaking with the victims brought to mind his own personal sorrow since he had lost his daughter and wife in a vehicle accident, as well as his son Beau, who died of illness.

Because of worries about the integrity of the building after the shifting of a huge column hanging from a structure, search and rescue operations were halted in the middle of the night.

An engineering company had detected significant structural problems in the building in 2018, which would need significant and expensive repairs in 2018, but a former municipal official told the condo’s board of directors that the structure was in “very excellent condition.”

The vice president also expressed his gratitude to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republican Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, as well as Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, as well as all first responders on the site. There has been an occurrence “There is no dispute, no squabbling, and everyone is on the same page. That is the essence of what America is all about.” During his visit to Florida, the president met with the state’s Republican governor as well as other local leaders.

He informed Florida authorities that the federal government was prepared to help them in any way that was required. This is your show; we simply want to make sure that everything is in working order,” he said.


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