In a day of political correctness, morality, and awakening, knowledge is so limited that when it is uncovered, it shines out like a light in a storm.

Wisdom should not be tantamount to the knowledge we have, but it is less instructive to the results sought by its suppliers than it is by the directive. Bible is rich in knowledge however, as attendance decreases and denominations lose members across the theological spectrum while fewer new ones are gained, that source of ancient knowledge is no main source for many Americans.

What is wisdom? What is knowledge? includes: “knowledge of what is true or right in conjunction with a sole opinion of conduct…”

What constitutes real and correct in 2021, when culturally obsolete bandits now regard just about anything that has been regarded true and true for millennia? How do their substitutes work out?

A little magazine has not given the crowd knowledge or objective truth. It is named “Modern Age,” a self-identified “conservative review” published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, but don’t put it in a pigeonhole if this title doesn’t describe you.

Editor Daniel McCarthy makes a big prediction in his spring edition. McCarthy thinks that, despite his “hegemonic dominance in the nation’s media and most university campuses,” progressivism is a fading philosophy.

While some on the left see Democrats’ narrow nationwide win in the 2020 election as evidence of progressive progression, McCarthy sees the reverse. He’s the Democratic Party “There are no more attractive leaders than Joe Biden, a 78-year-old. Who’s going to replace him? Obama’s no second.”

He wanted to run for a second term, Biden remarked. In 2024, he would be 82. Are voters willing to re-elect an aged person?

Who has widespread popular backing on the left? Most progressives nationally renowned have strong voices, but seldom any legislative history. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. is the most known of this little group, although critics say it and others are mostly media constructs with minimal achievements.

In general, the Republican President and Republicans were on a roll before the outbreak. Republicans were the winner in practically every area – from the economy to immigration, to foreign policy. If it weren’t for the virus and the caustic personality of Donald Trump, Republicans would still be in control virtually surely.

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However, McCarthy observes, Democrats lost their seats in the House and are deadlocked in the Senate. In a clue to the future, he continues, “The obvious lesson was that without President Trump’s demonic image, the Democrats would have no magnet pull in 2018 and last year. Of course, the fatal issue for Republicans is whether they can continue to pull the Trump coalition without Trump.”

What if Trump goes back as he indicated he could do in a type of vengeance campaign? The field is now locked as possible GOP contenders await the decision of Trump.

An even bigger challenge is if Republican candidates can not only keep the Trump coalition together but also attract suburban women who have voted for Biden because they have been put off by Trump’s rhetoric and behavior? And in 2024, would the Democrats be as energetic as last year, not because they adored Biden but because they could not tolerate Trump?

But can the Republicans capitalize on leftist overreaching, including problems of culture like critical race theory? McCarthy is on something? As the epidemic undoubtedly fell as a problem in Congressional contests next year and is probably not a threat in the presidential struggle 2024, Republicans will need the wisdom to recover their previous experience.


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