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Biden urges the G-7 leaders to fight China against exploitation of rehabilitation camps

President Biden intended on the second full day of the G7 Summit to push allies to summon China publicly to his Uyghur re-education centers. The planned effort of Biden was made by...

Austin police confirmed the gunfire downtown: “Multiple injured victims”

Austin, Texas, police told the public early in the morning of Saturday to keep away from a crime scene and confirm a downtown gunshot that resulted in "many victims of injury." Austin-Travis...

Biden is a Cuban-born Carlos Del Toro, a 22-year-old veteran of the Navy.

President Biden said he was planning on Friday the nomination of Carlos Del Toro as Navy Secretary. Del Toro is a veteran and retired commander in the U.S. Navy for 22 years...

Biden admin dismantles VOICE, Trump’s immigrant crime reporting agency

The administration of the Biden administration has dissolved and replaced a Homeland Security Office established under Trump's presidency to assist victims of crime by migrants in a further departure from its...

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Combat waking and build your family’s ‘free library’

  After waking liberals have chosen to ban Dr. Seuss, Raleigh grew up in China and published a really insightful article of The Federalist. One of the things she most liked about America...

Shooting Indiana bank leaves security guards dead; one suspect arrested, one searched

One suspect was in arrest and a second suspect Friday was in jail after a security guard in Gary, Indiana has been shot dead, sources said. In a late afternoon incident, the...