“Critical race theory” was formerly restricted to academic halls, the word that attracted headlines and pressing news cycles. However, when CRT and its accompanying concepts moved throughout school districts, people’s demographics discussed its consequences.

CRT-related ideas have been highlighted in contentious materials, which constitute a very significant danger to the future of their children by moms. Despite the controversy that some have made, the debate against CRT has brought a large number of parents concerned to the public square.

From Oregon to Rhode Island to, probably most renowned, Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools, the moms have pressurized their local leaders for solutions and set up extremely racially-based groups. “They’re afraid of talking in the class for fear of harassment or discipline, or being reported on the new LCPS online ‘bias reporting’ system when these dedicated mothers hear of their children, so they get out there to battle their kids like hell,” says Ian Prior, a father who leads the PAC focused on the Loudoun County Public Schools Board.

Prior’s organization worked with parents for months in Loudoun County to recall many members of the school board who discovered that they were part of a contentious Facebook group that was driving left-leaning beliefs. Fox News spoke to several school parents who together indicated a trend of being blinded by the administrators’ “equity” drive. While the concept has become increasingly popular on the left, survivors of leftist administrations have cautioned about its potentially catastrophic effects.

“We encourage our students to be social justice warriors, to reject our nation and heritage,” stated Xi Van Fleet during this week’s meeting of the Virginia School Board.

She added: she added: “All this sounds extremely familiar, growing up in China. The Communist dictatorship is dividing people according to the same critical ideology. The only distinction is that class is employed rather than race. In fact, this is the American counterpart of the cultural revolution in China.”

Like her, during the Tuesday meeting, Mother Monica Gill and Mother Natassia Grover voiced worry about the ideological backbone of these items.

Mothers battled in Ohio, California, and Florida outside Virginia.

On Thursday, Mother Quisha King of Florida questioned that CRT is about “racial sensitivity or teaching Jim Crow history or just the unflattering American past”

“CRT is deeper and more dangerous than this, she warned during the school board meeting. CRT and its outworking today is a teaching that there is a hierarchy in society in which white, heterosexual and skilled people are seen as oppressors and whoever is not. She went on: “But to teach my child or any youngster that in America they are always under pressure because they are Black is racist – and to suggest that White people are inherently above me, my kids and any child is also discriminatory. I don’t know about you. This is not something we in our nation can stand for.”

The definition of CRT is famously problematic since it does not have fixed contours, even its inventor has argued. That is why King’s governor Ron DeSantis referred to the racial divide instead of expressing “critical race theory” in the regulation he presented at the school board meeting on Thursday.

Advocates of the contentious material claim that it fosters understanding across ethnic groups and overcomes societal obstacles to inclusion.

“Educational equity aims to fulfill fundamental commitments to membership, the notion of ‘freedom and justice for all’ and to make sure that we ‘in ‘We the people are large and really encompasses all students and families within the community,” said Oregon Education Department Speaker Marc Siegel. He defended a series of events funded by the department, alongside Nikole Hannah Jones, originator of the “1619 project.”

“Black kids’ experiences and families may and must focus on our country, including the entirety of Black history and Black futures,” he continued.

LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler also advocated the training of teachers by saying: “It may be useful to understand what LCPS equitable initiatives are not. They are not an attempt to teach students and employees a certain idea or ideology. What they are is an endeavor to give all children a welcome, inclusive and positive atmosphere.”

Moms are creating school CRT infrastructure

The rage of these mothers means more than micro-drop moments at school board meetings — they are organized. Since CRT became increasingly prevalent, mothers created or moved grassroots groups to resist the CRT and its associated ideologies. Fathers like Ian Prior and Scott Mineo also join the battle, with anti-CRT organizations sprouting in the last year.

The investigative side of the anti-CRT fight is Nicole Neily, a lawyer and mom of the two who established the Parents Defending Education Group (PDE). Lead by Asra Nomani, one of her mothers, the former Wall Street Journal writer, Neily’s organization has painted school systems around the nation with several public demands for records. Some of them reported national news, as another PDE leader and mother, Erika Sanzi, had seen last month with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

The topic was explored by other open-minded moms — such as Rachel Pisani, Tatiana Ibrahim, Elicia Brand, and Shawntel Cooper.

Nomani is situated in Virginia, where contentious thoughts on race have been explosive. Earlier this year, Fox News published a suggested mathematical framework aimed at achieving racial justice by inhibiting mathematical acceleration. Similar concepts have evolved in California and Oregon, where two mom-created organizations – Oregonians for Freedom and Quality Educators – have sought to expose them. The latter’s Lori Meyers and the former’s Kim Walters both claimed they began the organizations in response to CRT last year.

PDE has submitted hundreds of requests for public documents, conducted 20 in-depth research on school districts, and receives 100-200 tips per week according to Nomani. PDE also registers federal complaints, which are expected to face upward battles under President Biden but which might potentially disclose more information. Her organization also built a comment site that facilitated views on a funding program denounced as a tool to support CRT by the Biden administration. Nomani informed Fox News that over 11,000 of 34,000 commentaries were provided by her organization.

In Virginia’s so-called “social-emotional” learning requirements as well as initiatives to decrease standards in the state, controversial concepts on race have also arisen. In addition to the PDE, Nomani heads a group of parents in the Coalition for TJ, which sues the country’s top high school for decreasing entrance standards under a supposed conspiracy to prevent Asian entrance. Mineo and Patti Hildalgo-Menders, leader of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, have also filed another case. They argue that a program of LCPS equity ambassadors discriminates racially against their children and violates their right to freedom of expression.

Further south, numerous mothers are seeking to examine their schools’ ideological impacts. Vicky Manning, a member of the Virginia Beach school board and parent of two, recently proposed a resolution against CRT concepts. She has also opened a blog in which she has uncovered a book study on “anti-racists” at a local school. Mum Yael Levin leads her State chapter No Left Turn in Education — an anti-CRT movement launched last year by another mom, Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein, closer to Richmond.

In Ohio, two mothers, Amy González and Andrea Gross head the Coalition for Pro-CA, which proposes a series of Columbus Academy changes.

It’s hard to adequately represent mothers resisting CRT, since many of them fear punishment, such as doubting instructors, if they speak out.

Like Nomani, Nicole Solas has submitted many requests for public information for her daughter, who is in kindergarten. She had so many — more than 200 supposedly – that her school board contemplated asking a judge to intervene. A vote by the school board put that to rest, while the chair and vice-chair of the committees left their leadership roles.

In Loudoun, possibly the most notorious CRT battlefield, homeowners have been confronted with controversy. Many of them protested claimed intimidation by others in the Facebook Group of Loudoun County Anti-Racist Parents.

Facebook members reportedly sought to reach the dox opponents of CRT, increasing the county’s national attention. Some members of the LCPS board are members of the organization, though the amount of their participation in different activities remains unclear. They were implicitly accused of intimidating CRT opponents.

One opponent of the Board is Elizabeth Perrin, who spoke at public meetings and assisted in the recall movement of Prior.

“It’s individuals who want these folks to be remembered, are weary of having our children on this agenda and cannot continue politicizing our youngsters,” she said before “First of all, Fox & Friends.

“These are our children and this is their education, and we must continue to teach them ethics, morality, and values that are shared in our homes, not in the schools.”


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