Harry Hamlin opens up a relationship from the past.

The sixty-nine-year-old actor recalled his time at the 1981 “Clash of the Titans,” when he met his former girlfriend Ursula Andress.

When he was just a boy, the actor remembers Andress – 16 years of age older than him – when he watched the first James Bond picture “Dr. No.”

“I didn’t just watch ‘Dr. No,’ but my parents got me a five-year Christmas Playboy membership when I was 12,” he said to Yahoo Entertainment. “I never knew why that was done. Now that I have children, I think, “This is a strange thing to do!”

Harry Hamlin and Ursala Andress were together from 1979-1983. (Getty Images)

Between 1979 to 1983, Harry Hamlin and Ursala Andress were together. (Pictures of Getty)

The actress went on: “But in one of those playboys Ursula appeared and I remember it very clearly. I guess I wouldn’t have told her that when we met initially. I’m not sure I said, ‘I adored your Playboy layout when I was 13, by the way, Ursula!'”

Both didn’t share parts in “Clash,” but they didn’t stop them from shocking a romantic after a meal in London.

“Everyone came and put me next to Ursula,” recalled Hamlin. “I didn’t know precisely what to say to her, but suddenly the flea market was up and I said I would have come to the flea market the week before I traveled to London. She contacted me one day at the hotel, when we arrived in Rome for a movie, and said, ‘I am just five houses down from the hotel, and there will be a flea market on Porta Portese tomorrow. You want to go?'”

He added: “It was like that!”

Harry Hamlin revealed that he and Ursula Andress met at a cast dinner.

Harry Hamlin stated that during a cast dinner he and Ursula Andress met.
(Getty Pictures)

The relationship was not without its barriers though, because Director Desmond Davis of ‘Clash’ kept a tight eye on Hamlin since he felt that the actor was part of a second relationship.

“I thought I had it off with someone from the department of cosmetics and he was also in love with that person,” said the Emmy nominee. “All the while he was absolutely envious of me! He slept at the same level as I did at the hotel to leave his door open and observe if I ran into the maquila woman’s room. I would reply, ‘Desmond, I don’t know her, I don’t know her. She’s just making my cosmetics!’ But all the while he was fixed on it; it was quite strange.”

Nevertheless, from 1979 until 1983, Hamlin and Andress, now 85, had a long-term relationship and produced a son, Dmitri, 41 today. Hamlin was married to three other actresses between that time and now: Laura Johnson, Nicolette Sheridan, and his present wife, Lisa Rinna.


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