This post is based on our readers’ top ten choices for the finest HDMI 2.1 monitors, which we have compiled in this article. The fact that the technology is so new means that companies are just catching up, and people are looking forward to seeing what brands have to offer! With the introduction of both the Xbox Series X and the new PlayStation 5, these displays have become more essential to gamers.

The great thing about these monitors is that they are equipped with HDMI 2.1, which means that users will no longer be limited by connection problems and will be able to communicate with a variety of platforms and devices. Due to the fact that this is unfamiliar terrain and that making a decision may be difficult, we are here to assist you!

Why is HDMI 2.1 important

To put it another way, it is the next major advancement in HDMI technology, and as such, it is very significant! However, if you examine it from the standpoint of its characteristics, you will see that it is very innovative in a number of ways.

A notable feature is that it will handle greater resolutions, including compatibility for an 8K signal in 12-bit color, which is one of the most advanced available today. However, that is not all since, if the HDMI 2.1 is configured to utilize the displays stream compression mode, it is capable of receiving a 10K signal at 120 frames per second, which is a fairly remarkable achievement.

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant characteristics of this camera is that it provides complete support for Dynamic HDR, often known as High Dynamic Range. This guarantees stunning color reproduction while also providing you with a greater variety of color choices for your visual viewing experience.

2.1 hdmi monitor

While aesthetically pleasing monitors are appealing, naming conventions are very unappealing. When attempting to figure out what you need to buy, it may be very difficult to keep track of everything. As a result, we’ve compiled this hand-picked list of the finest HDMI 2.1 gaming monitors that you should really consider purchasing right now. All of these monitors are also equipped with HDR and G-Sync or FreeSync technology.

1.Gigabyte Aorus M28U-4k monitor hdmi 2.1

Gigabyte M28 4k Gaming Monitor Hdmi 2.1
  • This 28-inch 144Hz IPS display has a reaction time of less than one millisecond. Because Gigabyte just recently launched this monitor, it is still difficult to locate in many shops – or even in stock, for that matter. The display is equipped with the VESA HDR400 certification, which is a very basic grade. If you’re looking for RGB lighting, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there is none available. It is, however, simple to change the height and viewing angle to your liking. Surprisingly, Newegg has it advertised at just $599 US dollars. Consequently, it is one of the most appealing choices on our list for anybody on a tight budget who yet needs a high-quality monitor on the go. It’s now out of stock, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for it in the future.
  • Panel Size (diagonal)28″ SS IPS
  • Display Viewing Area (HxV)631.928 x 359.78 (mm)
  • Panel Backlight/ TypeEdge type
  • Display Surface(non-glare/ glare)Non-glare
  • Color Saturation94% DCI-P3/ 120% sRGB
  • True Resolution3840 x 2160 (UHD)
  • Pixel Pitch0.16 (H) x 0.16 (V)
  • Brightness300 cd/m2 (TYP)
  • Contrast Ratio1000:1
  • Viewing Angle178°(H)/178°(V)
  • Display Colors8 bits
  • Response Time1ms GTG / 2ms MPRT
  • Refresh Rate144Hz
    120Hz for Console Game*
  • HDRVESA Display HDR400
  • Flicker-freeYes
  • Signal InputHDMI 2.1 x2
    Display port 1.4 (DSC) x1
  • HBR3Yes
  • Earphone JackYes
  • Speaker3W x2

2.AOC 24G2 IPS Monitor-4k hdmi 2.1 monitor

AOC 24G2 24 inch IPS Monitor

The AOC 24G2 24-inch IPS Monitor, which is the first monitor on our list to be fully compatible with HDMI 2.1, serves as the beginning point for this discussion. This is mainly a gaming monitor, since it is equipped with all of the features required to provide the best possible gaming experience!

In addition to being compatible with Freesync premium technology (which improves frame rate), it also has a visually stunning IPS display. However, the most interesting feature is that it has been designed with a thin border, which means that you can work with little bezel disturbance, and this means that you can simply set up a multi-monitor configuration for a smooth experience.

This new product promises to be able to give you with double the frame rate that its rivals can provide you with, which means that it has more potential for demanding games so that you can take use of their full potential. All of this is possible because of the inclusion of a 144Hz refresh rate, which allows for smooth and flawless rendering. Thus, real-time and first-person shooting games, as well as racing games, will benefit from it.

Naturally, what is the point of having a gaming monitor if it does not have the necessary ergonomic features? This one has full VESA compatibility, and it can be placed on almost any wall in the house. Not only that, but you can also change the height, the tilt, the swivel, and the pivot to ensure that you get the most comfortable experience possible.


  • IPS (in-plane switching) panel
  • FreeSync Premium technology is available.
  • Design with a narrow border
  • 144Hz is the refresh rate.
  • Vesa is a mountable device.
  • Designing for comfort and ease of use


  • There aren’t enough color options.

3.LG UltraGear 27GP950-hdmi 2.1 gaming monitor

Lg Ultragear 27gp950 Hdr Monitor

The LG UltraGear 27GP950 is equipped with a 27-inch mini-IPS display with a refresh rate of 144Hz and reaction times of 1ms. It should be noted that the LG 27GP950 can be overclocked to 160Hz using Display Stream Compression (DSC). If you’re interested in high dynamic range, it has the HDR 600 rating, which many users believe is a far better balance between cost and image quality when compared to the HDR 400 standard. Additionally, you get fully adjustable display height and tilt, as well as programmable RGBs on the rear. This 4K gaming monitor is more costly than the others at $899 USD, but depending on your tastes, the additional capabilities may be worth the extra money.


  • 27″ UHD (3840 x 2160) Nano IPS Display
  • IPS 1ms (GtG) 144Hz with VESA DSC Technology (O.C 160Hz)
  • UHD 4K & VRR up to 120Hz with HDMI 2.1
  • NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro
  • DCI-P3 98% with VESA DisplayHDR 600
  • 4-Side Virtually Borderless Display

4.asus rog swift monitor-hdmi 2.1 gaming monitor

Asus ROG Swift 27 inch Monitor

The Asus ROG Swift 27-inch Monitor is our next recommendation for the finest HDMI 2.1 compliant monitor. It also has NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR technology, allowing you to have the greatest viewing experience possible. The brightness may be increased up to 1000 nits, and the built-in ambient light sensor is in charge of adjusting the brightness levels.

Thanks to full control over the height adjustment, swivel, pivot and tilt capabilities, as well as pivot and tilt capabilities, the Monitor is equipped with an ergonomic stand that allows you to get the optimal viewing angle.

Finally, the inclusion of an LED backlight allows for the dimming of low light to be regulated in 384 different zones. This local dimming function will be particularly useful if you want to increase the dynamic brightness over the whole screen, as described before.


  • NVIDIA G-SYNC High Dynamic Range
  • The sensor for ambient light is built in.
  • Stand with good ergonomics
  • LED backlight with variable brightness
  • 1000 nits of illumination


  • There is no guarantee.

5.VIOTEK Gaming Monitor-gaming monitor hdmi 2.1

VIOTEK 34 Inch Gaming Monitor

The VIOTEK Gaming Display, which is an ultra-wide viewing monitor with full HD capabilities, is the next monitor on our list. With a screen size of 34 inches, it provides you with the finest and most immersive visual experience possible. The inclusion of a 1500R curvature just adds to the overall robustness of the design.

However, the most interesting feature of this HDMI 2.1 compliant screen is that it can display videos at a refresh rate of up to 100Hz, which makes them incredibly smooth and flicker-free. This monitor will provide you with the most stunning, bright, and brilliant pictures available today.

One of the most interesting aspects is the business’s Dead Pixel policy guarantee, which states that if you discover a dead pixel on your screen, the company will assist you in removing it free of charge.


  • Policy on “dead pixels”
  • Curvature of 1500R
  • The refresh rate is 100 hertz.
  • Flicker-free
  • Immersive widescreen viewing is available.


  • None

6.Acer Predator XB323QK NV-4k gaming monitor with hdmi 2.1

Acer Predator Xb323 Qknv Monitor

This is another Acer Predator IPS monitor, similar to the previous one, but with a larger screen size of up to 31.5 inches with a refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms reaction time. The release date for this monitor, which was announced last summer, remains a bit of a mystery. It seems to be on its way to market at the moment, but it may be delayed due to a change in specifications or simply due to manufacturing limitations. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $1199 USD, indicating that it is a high-end product. The HDR400 rating that has been touted is a little underwhelming. Perhaps that is going to be reworked. It will also include an RGB “ring” on the rear, as well as controls for the height and angle of the display.

Acer Nitro XV282K KV – 4K UHD Monitor with Support for the Latest Game Consoles

Through the usage of its 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS screen, the Nitro XV282K KV immerses users into magnificent worlds in amazing detail. It also has a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio to show crisp images and supports 90 percent of the DCI-P3 broad color gamut to enable for vivid color representations. The 144 Hz refresh rate panel, which also has AMD® FreeSyncTM Premium technology, has a 1 ms reaction time, allowing for lightning-fast frame rendering. Additionally, the Acer Nitro XV282K KV is equipped with HDMI 2.1 and a cable, allowing it can support the newest game consoles at 4K UHD 120 Hz with VRR without the need for a separate connection (Variable Refresh Rate). TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe certification has also been granted to the monitor. It also has Acer’s innovative Agile-Splendor IPS technology, which produces crisp pictures even when seen from a wide viewing angle.

For improved image quality, the new Acer Nitro XV2 series monitors are equipped with Acer HDR 400 and liquid crystal IPS technology, while Acer VisionCare 3.0 incorporates a number of technological innovations to help reduce eye strain experienced by heavy users such as programmers, writers, and graphic designers. LightSense, ColorSense, ProxiSense, and BluelightShield Pro are some of the technologies available.

  • Mythic Speed for a Professional Gaming Experience
  • 31.5 Inches of 4K Resolution
  • Game More Comfortably
  • 4K UHD Monitor with Support for the Latest Game Consoles

7.asus tuf gaming monitor-4k gaming monitor with 2.1 hdmi

ASUS TUF 28 inch Gaming Monitor

The ASUS TUF 28-inch Gaming Monitor is yet another outstanding candidate for the title of finest HDMI 2.1 monitor. This gadget will have a number of beneficial characteristics, one of which is that it will be very user-friendly in terms of comfort settings. This is made clear by the fact that it is equipped with Flicker-free technology, which reduces the flickering on the screen, which may inflict severe strain on the eyes over time.

The ergonomically built stand, which enables the user to adjust the monitor’s height to a level that is most comfortable for them, is not the only feature that users will be able to appreciate. It also allows you to make changes to the pivot, swivel, and tilt positions. In addition, it is VESA-compatible, which allows you to simply mount it against a wall.

You will be most interested in the new integrated GamePlus hotkey, which is unique to ASUS and will improve your gaming experience by providing you with exciting new in-game upgrades. If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you will be most interested in the new ASUS-exclusive, integrated GamePlus hotkey.


  • The stand has been ergonomically developed.
  • Hotkeys for GamePlus have been integrated.
  • Technology that does not flicker
  • VESA-compatible
  • Compatibility with HDMI 2.1


  • None

8.ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ- monitors that have hdmi 2.1 

Asus Rog Swift Pg32uq Monitor

With the ASUS ROG branding on it, this 32-inch IPS display has the same 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction times as the other monitors on our list. For minimal requirements, we’re certainly beginning to see a trend emerge in this area. This monitor is equipped with HDR600, addressable RGB lighting, and complete tilt and height adjustment capabilities. ASUS also touts its own exclusive integrated technologies for this model, which the firm says would result in a more enjoyable gaming experience overall. That is something we will leave up to you to decide. Although no official release date has been revealed, the ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ is expected to hit the market later this year. At this time, there is no information about pricing.

ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ details

The PG32UQ’s 4K pixel array spans 32″ across its diagonal, resulting in a pixel density of 138 pixels per inch (PPI). That size achieves an excellent mix between a clear image and the ability to see text and user interface components without scaling. It takes just 1ms for the beautiful IPS screen to respond from gray to gray, which is very fast. Those rapid pixels result in motion that is as clear as that of fast TN panels, but with the improved color reproduction and viewing angles of IPS panels instead of TN panels.

The vibrant colors produced by the ROG Swift PG32UQ display span 98 percent of the cinematic DCI-P3 color gamut, which is impressive. For the best possible image quality straight out of the box, we calibrate each and every PG32UQ at the manufacturer to an average Delta E of less than two, ensuring that you receive the most natural and accurate picture possible. The broad gamut, excellent color accuracy, and high peak brightness have earned it VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification, ensuring that HDR games and entertainment are always displayed in the manner in which their developers intended them to be.

The PG32UQ provides two HDMI 2.1 connections with plug-and-play support for gaming-friendly features such as automatic low latency mode, variable refresh rates, and a high 120Hz refresh rate to ensure full compatibility with next-generation consoles. The PG32UQ also includes two USB 3.0 ports for charging and data transfer. PC gamers may also take use of the high-bandwidth DisplayPort 1.4 inputs to unlock the display’s maximum refresh rate, and these ports employ VESA Display Stream Compression (DSC) to guarantee accurate per-pixel color reproduction even at 4K and 144Hz resolutions, among other things.

It doesn’t matter if your system isn’t always capable of delivering 144Hz refresh rates; the PG32UQ will still provide a smooth and responsive gaming experience. It currently supports HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible certification is in the process of being completed. Variable refresh rate technology is available on a wide range of gaming platforms, including gaming PCs with modern NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards and newer PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The benefits of variable refresh rate technology include no tearing, no judder, and silky-smooth, responsive gameplay. On the PG32UQ, you may additionally activate our proprietary ELMB Sync technology, which ensures that motion is as crisp as possible even when frame rates change over time.

The ASUS Variable Overdrive technology is also included in the PG32UQ. Overdrive is a method often used to decrease the length of time it takes for a pixel on an LCD screen to shift from one color to another by increasing the number of colors available. Increasing the overdrive level on a fast game running at extremely high frame rates will make it appear better, but increasing the overdrive setting on a graphically-intensive game running at 60 frames per second may cause overdrive artifacts. The task of manually adjusting this setting all of the time is tedious, but the ROG Swift PG32UQ automatically adjusts the overdrive to the appropriate level even when frame rates fluctuate over time. Variable Overdrive control offers five degrees of aggression, allowing you to fine-tune the feature’s intensity throughout the refresh rate range for the best possible view of on-screen content.

9.Sceptre Gaming Monitor-8k monitor hdmi 2.1

Sceptre 30 inch Gaming Monitor

Following the Sceptre 30-inch Gaming Display, we have the Sceptre 30-inch Gaming Monitor as our next candidate for the finest HDMI 2.1 monitor. This is due to the fact that it has complete compatibility with HDMI 2.1, which means you will be able to connect various new-generation graphics cards from NVIDIA as well as the new PlayStation 5 without any hesitation, and it also has AMD FreeSync technology, which allows you to watch movies in slow motion.

By incorporating the use of this technology, the frame rates can be refreshed at a significantly faster rate, allowing your monitor to achieve gaming and visual supremacy where the user will not be disturbed by tearing or stuttering on the screen because the graphics card and monitor settings will be completely in sync.

When it comes to color characteristics, it has a lot to offer. Because it can handle up to 90 percent sRGB, the contrast between your reds, blues, and greens will be very noticeable. Finally, consumers will be pleased with the final result since the color reproduction will be not only extremely bright but also very accurate in terms of detail. In addition to this, the monitor has built-in speakers to ensure that your communication, connection, and audio experience are all excellent.


  • 90 percent of the sRGB color space
  • Built-in speakers are a nice feature.
  • AMD Freesync technology is a kind of frame rate acceleration.
  • Curved display with an ultra-wide viewing area
  • Connection through HDMI 2.1
  • Features that provide eye protection


  • There are less features.

10.Gigabyte FI32U

AORUS FI32U Gaming Monitor Gallery | Monitor - GIGABYTE Slovenia

The best 32-inch 4K 144Hz HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor on the market.

Yes, HDMI 2.1 is supported.

32′′ in height and width

VRR: FreeSync Premium Pro, VRR: Virtual Reality.

In this case, the G-SYNC is stable.

DisplayHDR 400 is a high-dynamic-range display.

The advantages are as follows:

  • A wide color spectrum is available.
  • Response time is very fast.
  • Numerous features, like FreeSync and MBR up to 144Hz, are available.
  • Ergonomic stand, USB hub, and KVM switch are all included.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • IPS glow and a poor contrast ratio are two issues with this display (as expected from this panel technology)
  • HDMI 2.1 is restricted to 4K at 120Hz. 4:2:0

If you’re looking for a 32-inch monitor with 4K UHD resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz, you’ll fall in love with the Gigabyte Aorus FI32U!

Image Spectacularity

The FI32U is built on a fast IPS panel with a 1ms GtG pixel response time speed, which means there will be no noticeable ghosting in high-paced games on this display.

Although its color gamut and HDR support aren’t quite as good as the LG 27GP950, which boasts 90 percent DCI-P3 color space coverage and VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 certification, the giant 32-inch screen provides a more immersive viewing experience thanks to its 4K resolution and high pixel density of 140 PPI.

Among the other panel-related characteristics are a maximum brightness of 350 nits (400 nits for HDR content), a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, 178-degree broad viewing angles, and compatibility for dithered 10-bit color depths.


Gigabyte’s Aorus branded monitors are a little more expensive, but they come with some unique features, such as a premium design, RGB lighting, and a microphone connection with ANC technology (active noise canceling).

Gigabyte’s FI32U also has features such as Aim Stabilizer Sync (simultaneous VRR and MBR operation), Black Equalizer, configurable crosshairs and timers, different image presets, and Dashboard (can display PC system parameters on the screen, such as GPU temperature, utilization, etc.).

It has AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification, and it works with NVIDIA cards that are compatible with it, despite the fact that it does not have the official “G-SYNC Compatible” logo.

Design and connectivity are important considerations.

Design of the Gigabyte Aorus FI32U Monitor

In addition to up to 130mm of height adjustment, +/- 20 degrees of swivel, -5 degrees of tilt, 90 degrees of pivot, and compatibility with a 100x100mm VESA mount, the monitor’s stand is elegant and flexible.

Two HDMI 2.1 ports (limited to 4:2:0), a DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, a dual-USB 3.0 hub, a USB-C connector (with DP Alt Mode), a headphone jack, and a microphone jack are all included in the connectivity options list. In addition, there is a KVM switch.

Buyer Guide

Now that we have completed our product evaluation, we will go to the next and most essential step, which is the buyer’s manual! This will be a really educational trip since it will not only assist you in determining which aspects will be the most important, but it will also assist you in clearing up any confusions that may have remained in your mind with the assistance of the FAQ area as well. This will guarantee that you make a better decision from the eight HDMI 2.1 monitors that we have selected below as the finest on the market.

This is a significant investment since it is all brand new and because your future gaming or working setup will be heavily influenced by your decision on this purchase. As a result, you must make the best decision possible!

When purchasing an HDMI 2.1 monitor, the following are the most important considerations to make:

After that, we’ll take a look at the main features that HDMI 2.1 offers users, starting with the Quick Frame Support, also known as fast picture support. There’s also an auto low latency mode, which enables viewers to enjoy the most responsive gameplay possible because the lowest possible latency is ensured, which helps the viewer experience the most responsive gameplay possible.

Additionally, it offers dependable support for Dynamic HDR, which means that you will have a more engaging visual experience when compared to standard HDR. This is accomplished via color corrections and modifications, as well as attaining optimum brightness and contrast in terms of frame rates for the best experience in video games.

Because of the Quick Media Switching mode, which guarantees that when switching between media sources, the black screen that appears will only be visible for a shorter period of time, it is also easier to make changes and settings. At the same time, the inclusion of the Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) makes it simpler to manage various audio devices while also allowing you to deal with more complicated audio formats.

One of the most exciting new features that we are all looking forward to is the VRR capability, which stands for Variable Refresh Rate. This is an innovative new feature that we are all looking forward to. Using this method, the frame rates may be refreshed more quickly. This, along with the ALLM, or Auto Low Latency Mode, which automatically reduces the latency mode, is going to completely change the way you play games in the future. It is expected to improve the compatibility of your G-Sync and FreeSync settings.

Finally, some of the most essential characteristics to look for in any HDMI 2.1 compliant monitor are the Dynamic HDR mode, the ability to adjust the refresh rate, and of course greater screen resolutions.


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