Apple has just unveiled the option to add a driver’s license to your virtual Apple Wallet or a US national identity card and only eight states allow document scanning at the beginning, but Apple promises more in the near future.

Follow this if you need to know how your Apple Wallet is supported by a driving license or state identity.

How to add your ID to Apple Wallet

The addition of an Apple Wallet driver’s license is much like the addition of a credit or debit card but with a few additional safeguards for safety. To start with, just touch the Apple Wallet App Plus symbol in the upper right corner and then choose the driving license or state ID option.

You will then have to take a clean picture scan of both the front and back of the license before doing a self-scan for state checks. Two fast photographs of your license can only be taken by Apple and the local authorities to ensure someone may commit a severe rapid identity thief.

In order to avoid imponents adding another ID to their wallet, you will next be required to perform “a number of facial and head motions throughout the installation procedure.”

Although the process of adding a driver’s permit to the Apple Wallet here was unfortunately not tested, here we can only imagine it works similar to other in-app authentication systems like Tinder, which requires a range of selfies with specific head and hand guidance to demonstrate that on the other hand, it is indeed you.

Apple said the emitting State will check the identity of the user after providing the appropriate ID scans and photos and validate the validity, which may take up to a few days, of the application for the scan. before approval.

No one knows how precisely local policing will treat driver’s licenses for Apple Wallet, so maintain your real card inside a wallet at every moment. However, Apple hopes that the situation will be different when traveling on certain airports since the firm has declared TSA support for the function in airports across the United States – although it does not know which airports are supporting the technology.

Can I use an airport license for my Apple Wallet driver?

In fact, it seems that the answer is, yes.

Apple affirms that certain airports already have special security lines with specialized readers who can operate an Apple Watch or iPhone ID, stressing that “customers do not need to unlock, display or give out their device to provide their ID.” Apple states that select airports have a security line.

You simply have to open your Apple Wallet and choose your driving license to scan your ID at an airport, and then use either the face ID, the tactile ID, or your password to verify the authenticity of the ID.

Which state supports the addition of your Apple Wallet driving license?

At now, the functionality is only supported by eight states. Those are the following states:

  1. Arizona
  2. Connecticut
  3. Georgia
  4. Iowa
  5. Kentucky
  6. Maryland
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Utah




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