Apple AirPods are compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows 10 and Android smartphones, which is a well-known fact in the industry. Despite this, there are many functions that you will lose if you link AirPods to an Android device. Sure, the noise-canceling and transparency modes in the AirPods Pro or Max continue to function, but you will be unable to utilize Siri or even check the battery level in a simple manner. The good news is that there are several excellent AirPods alternatives available these days that function considerably better with Android. Furthermore, several of them provide better sound quality as well as extra functions. If you have AirPods and need to connect these earbuds to your Android device, this article will show you how to do so as well as how to check the battery life of your AirPods on your Android device.

how to Connect AirPods to Android

  1. In the charging case, place your AirPods and shut the top. Wait a few seconds. Wait.
  2. Now open the lid and hold the button on the rear side of the recharging box. Hold the button until white flashes on the LED indicator.
  3. Go to Bluetooth and locate your AirPods on your phone.
  4. Press Pair

Done. You may now operate with Android using your AirPods. Approximate charge levels for Bluetooth devices in modern versions are shown. This function is frequently not accessible, though. You need to download third-party applications to monitor the battery level of AirPod on Android.

How to check AirPod battery stats on Android phones

method 1

There was previously no simple method to monitor the battery life of your AirPod on Android, as it is on Apple devices, but now it is an easy way to accomplish this. You only need AirBattery, a free Play Store application to download.

AirBattery displays the battery life of your AirPods on Android smartphones. When the App is set up, open a pop-up window on the smartphone showing the remaining charge life of your AirPods charging case (just like an iPhone would). A battery life lock screen message is also provided, however, to activate this function you will have to pay for the Pro mode software. It is also simpler to browse as a TalkBack user with the update, although depending on your device, the user experience may vary.

  1. Open the Google Play Store and type “AirBattery” into the search bar.
  2. On your Android smartphone, install the app.
  3. Once the linked AirPods lid is inserted, open it. This will display the battery level of each airplane and the cover. It will show a popup on your mobile.

Note: The AirPod’s battery level and the battery case are only seen while the AirPods are in the case.

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method 2

  1. Download the MaterialPods from the Google Play store. This software is free of charge, but you must buy an app in order to release more features. Fortunately, no fundamental features like the battery-level check on Android by AirPods are needed.
  2. Follow the directions on the screen on how to make the app function. You must give the app access to the site and draw over other applications. Lastly, the iOS-style popup must be shown with battery levels from AirPods. How to monitor android AirPods case battery
how to check airpod case battery on android

3. Now open the deck and attach the Android AirPods. You will notice a pop-up displaying earphone and charging case battery level indicators. The software will also display levels of batteries in a news center, so that battery levels on Android can always be checked for AirPod. You always can alter a lot of customization options if you don’t like how the app appears.

Other apps to view AirPods battery on Android


In the free version, both the case and individual AirPods may be seen at the battery level. It also enables you to activate Google’s voice assistant with a dual touch on the one earbud when purchased from the Pro version (€ 3.39) and automatically stop when the earphones are removed from the ears during playing.

2.Assistant Trigger

This software is compatible with all versions of AirPods and you can see the loading status through a pop-up window, which displays on the screen automatically each time a phone case is opened. You may not only eliminate publicity banners by purchasing the Pro version, but also enable a double tap on the AirPod single, and see the charge levels of the headset, and the case from the Android Center Notifications. It is free, but also by buying the Pro Version (Euro 2,19).


When you open the AirPods case, the charge status is shown in the Android Notification Center and through a specific pop-up window. Other features like enabling double-taping Google Wizards on a single headset and purchasing in-app (start at € 1.49) may be activated.


It is another free program (with ad banners) that lets you check AirPod’s charging status both through a popup window on the device’s display and the Notification Centre. This is an additional free application. It also turns the dark mode on.


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