If you are the happy owner of a genuine set of Apple AirPods, then congrats! You have access to some of the most cutting-edge consumer technology available. After all, Apple’s engineering and design are more than sufficient to warrant the high price tag attached to the device. What’s more, given the sophistication of the Chinese copy business, how can you be certain that your AirPods are genuine? Continue reading to learn How To Determine If Your Apple AirPods Are Genuine.

When it comes to AirPods clones, they are becoming more difficult to distinguish from the originals. If you don’t have a trained eye, you may never be able to tell whether your AirPods are fake or genuine until they eventually fail on you (which, in Apple’s case, will never happen).

A staggering number of AirPods knock-offs are available, ranging from inexpensive $10 to $20 copies that may be able to fool your grandparents into believing they are authentic, but not anyone else, too expensive $80 to $100 super copies that even trained experts will have difficulty distinguishing from the genuine article. Even the software may be a clone of the original, running on Android rather than iOS.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to determine whether or not your AirPods are genuine so that you can be certain that you’re receiving the original, ground-breaking components for the amount you paid for them.

Apple AirPods are unquestionable of the highest possible quality and performance. However, if you are interested in lower-cost, more budget-friendly clones that perform well without burning a hole in your pocketbook, then you should pursue them.

This tutorial is intended mainly for people who have purchased and paid for genuine Apple AirPods and want to confirm that they have received exactly what they paid for. If you bought these earphones from an online retailer, you should refer to this advice as a best practice. So without further ado, here’s How To Determine If Your Apple AirPods Are Genuine.

After poring through numerous official Apple papers and putting the AirPods through a series of tests to discover the ways to authenticate them, my team and I came up with a shortlist of ten methods that are 100 percent successful. We also discovered the following:

The most reliable way of authenticating your AirPods is to locate the device’s serial number and enter it into checkcoverage.apple.com. This is the recommended approach. Once the user has executed this code, Apple will verify that the product is a genuine Apple product. When it comes to authenticating AirPods, this is the most effective approach.

How to Determine Whether Your AirPods Are Genuine

Image from EverythingApplePro on YouTube

Real AirPods vs Fake

Here’s the thing: with hundreds of AirPods clones now available on the market, it will be difficult to tell which AirPods are genuine without having a genuine pair to compare them to in order to distinguish between them.

Later in this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to verify the validity of your AirPods, but first, here are a few of easy tips to keep in mind when checking your AirPods.

1.The cost

Of course, we recognize that there were a variety of discounts and promotions available across the board that might have enabled you to get a genuine pair of AirPods for a surprisingly low price. So just because you purchased your AirPods for $50 or less does not always imply that they are counterfeit – but it is a possibility.

The original Apple AirPods were available for purchase for $159, and the AirPods 2 were also available for purchase for $159 when they were released. The Apple AirPods Pro, on the other hand, had a retail price of $249 when they were released.
If you purchased your AirPods brand-new for less than $100 during a Black Friday sale or another super-low discount pricing, you are either very fortunate or your AirPods are, sadly, not genuine Apple products.

The same may be said about the new “AirPods” that you purchased for less than $50 dollars. If you bought a brand-new pair of shoes for $20 or less, you can probably tell right away that they are fake since you won’t be receiving the greatest build quality for that price.

2.Arrangement of materials

Image courtesy of YouTube user Konyinsola Osinubi.

One of the most straightforward methods of identifying a counterfeit set of AirPods is to look at the box. A careful glance at the box will very certainly reveal whether or not your AirPods are genuine unless they are a high-end 1:1 super replica. However, there are instances in which a package’s design is so perfectly executed that it seems to be genuine.

When it comes to color, the Apple AirPod packaging is a beautiful, clean white, while knock-off models are often off-white or yellowish in appearance.
Product labeling: The original AirPods, the AirPods 2, and the AirPods Pro are all distinguished by distinctive labeling that is consistent across the globe. The most probable indication that your box is counterfeit is if the labels on it do not match the ones on the genuine box. For example, if you come across strange stickers or labels that allude to a giveaway, you are most likely dealing with a forger.
Snug Fit: If you’ve ever purchased an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’re probably already aware of how snug and tightly Apple wraps its devices. If the packing seems to be loose and comes off too readily, it is possible that the product is not a genuine Apple product.
Despite the fact that we do not really examine the technical specifications or any of the information on the package, we do collect information. It may really be very helpful when determining whether or not you are in possession of counterfeit AirPods.
Due to the fact that the packaging is often produced in places where English is not the native language, there are likely to be a few spelling mistakes. In fact, if the writing is in Chinese, it is a dead giveaway that it is a hoax.
Serial number: This is a really large number. If the package does not include a serial number or if the packaging has been tampered with, there is a high possibility that you are dealing with counterfeit AirPods. As a result, be sure to carefully examine it.

According to the most recent reports, the counterfeit AirPods’ manufacturers have gone to great lengths to mimic the packaging. As a result, you’ll have to start searching for inconsistencies in small details. For example, the lettering on the fake boxes is often thicker than the type on the genuine package.

Since 2017, the San Francisco Font has been designated as Apple’s global font. It is thus safe to infer that any other kind of font is being used on a box since Apple will not compromise its brand identification by utilizing different fonts on different boxes.

The writing in the genuine box is usually a basic grey hue, which is also characteristic of the authentic box. As a result, if you see unusual colors or writing in a reflected manner, you may be certain that it is a fake. The lettering on the Fakes is often thicker than on the real thing.

Although they may have done a fantastic job with these, the vast majority of counterfeit AirPods makers will not spend the effort necessary to alter the color of the words “Designed by Apple in California” on the instruction booklet to match the real thing. Apple’s official handbook will be printed in gray text. In this case, if you see the above text in black, you may want to verify the serial number on Apple’s website.

3.Check the AirPods for damage.

For whatever reason you may be in question, you should just open a schematic or a picture of the genuine AirPods on your computer and compare it to your own. Approximately 90% of the time, clone producers will cut shortcuts on the design of their products.

You may discover an additional vent, a misalignment of some kind, or even a change in the design of the earbuds themselves. Furthermore, the color and even the design of the grills are not taken into consideration by the clone manufacturers. As a result, it may have a strange form when compared to the original, or it could be missing the black section next to the vents.

As a result, it is usually preferable to carefully examine the item before contacting the seller.

4.The Case of the Genuine and Fake AirPods

When it comes to differentiating between a genuine and a counterfeit AirPods gadget, the case itself is one of the most important indications. For example, the counterfeit AirPod cases are constructed of less expensive plastic. As a result, it seems very white, in a contrast to the actual AirPods case, which appears a bit duller. Despite the fact that it seems to be constructed of low-grade plastic, you can tell it is of excellent quality when you look closer.

Both the AirPods and the AirPods Pro are only available in white. So, if you see it in any other color than white, it is almost certainly a forgery. In addition to that, there are many AirPods sleeves available in a variety of colors. The real casing, on the other hand, should be white.

The AirPod Max sneakers, on the other hand, are available in five different colors: Space Gray, Silver, Green, Sky Blue, and Pink.

Of course, as the fake AirPods get more and more similar to the genuine thing, the newest fake AirPods case is being made from the same kind of plastic as the real one as well. However, owing to the price constraint, there are certain items that cannot be replaced due to their rarity. Consider the hinges, for example.

The hinges on the actual AirPod case are very smooth and constructed of high-quality steel, as is the rest of the case. When the lid is closed, you can see that the hinge has been well-crafted since there is practically no room left on the inside. It seems to be smooth and flawless. The makers of the counterfeit AirPods cases, on the other hand, have not refined their manufacturing processes to the point where they can integrate this degree of artistry.

As a result, you can readily see gaps between the hinges. However, the most significant difference is you will see that the hinge has sharper edges and is constructed of low-quality steel that can be readily distinguished. The hinge on the imitation AirPod is also very shiny and polished, which is something you should look out for.

Another distinguishing feature is the text. The fake AirPods, in contrast to the real AirPods, feature a lot bigger “Designed by Apple in California / Assembled in China” lettering that is a lighter shade of grey on the verge of becoming silver, and the text is considerably larger.

5.The Quality of the Sound

As with everything, this may vary depending on the overall pricing and quality of AirPods knockoffs, but as a general rule (it would be humiliating for Apple if it wasn’t true), the original Apple AirPods should have much better sound quality than any knockoffs.

One of the most compelling features of the Apple AirPods is their ability to generate high-quality sound that is worthy of the Apple name.

The authenticity of your AirPods may be in question if you notice that the sound quality is consistently lacking in either of the highs, lows, or midrange frequencies.

6.The ability to connect

Image sourced from Life Entertainments’ YouTube channel.

With the AirPods, Apple has created a wireless earphone experience that is one-of-a-kind in the industry. Apple’s AirPods, which are powered by the innovative W1 processor, connect fast and effortlessly with your iPhone.

With the strength of Bluetooth, they are also capable of long-range connection, with the AirPods reaching up to forty feet and the AirPods Pro reaching more than 100 feet in distance.

If your AirPods are having difficulty connecting over short to medium distances, it is possible that they are not genuine.

7.Various Functions

Apple Airpods have a number of unique features that Replica makers would be able to include in their counterfeits if they had the necessary funds.

As an example, the AirPod Pros are equipped with a wireless charging feature. The low-cost counterfeit charging cases, on the other hand, would not be compatible with and would not work on a wireless charger. If you have any concerns about whether or not you are dealing with a fake, try charging your AirPod Pros using a wireless charger.

Most significantly, counterfeit AirPods almost usually do not have a wireless charging capability.

When the case is opened, it is common for fake AirPods do not have the quick connect function activated. And this is a characteristic that is often absent from counterfeits. The immediate connect animation, on the other hand, would be of poor quality.

Occasionally, the AirPods symbol next to the device name has been missing in certain instances, as well. When you go to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or MacBook, you should see this symbol under connected devices.

As a result, checking to see whether the features are operational is an excellent method to determine if the AirPods are genuine.

8.The port

One of the simplest ways of AirPod authentication is to just glance at the port on the charging case, which is one of the most common techniques. In most cases, a micro-USB or a Type-C USB connector will be included in place of a lightning port. Manufacturers often include a micro-USB connection in order to save expenses.

As a result, if they choose to include an original lighting port in the imitation AirPods, they would also have to include a battery capable of handling that charge, perhaps even updating some of the other internal components. As a result, it is not financially viable.

This is exactly why the absence of a lightning connector on the charging case is one of the most reliable methods to determine whether or not your AirPod is genuine.

If you’re wondering how to tell the difference between the two, all you have to do is search for the following two characteristics:

Color: When manufacturers add the Micro-USB port in the charging case, they often neglect to alter the color of the charging case. As you can see by just looking at the port, this is a very significant indication.

  1. Form: The second thing to consider is the form. The metallic outline around the micro-USB connector is thicker than the metallic outline around the Lightning port on the iPhone.

9.The Indicator That Turns On

Fake Apple AirPods producers have done an incredible job in recent years. When it comes to the external appearance of the imitation AirPods, the most current models are simply stunning. You can hardly discern the difference between the two. However, there are certain telltale indications that should be taken into consideration.

Take, for example, the illuminated Indicator. When it comes to the light indicator, a lot of imitation AirPods manufacturers got it wrong. Either they put it in the incorrect position on the charging case or they completely failed to include it in the package. Of course, there were renegades who chose a different color than the rest of the group. As a result, instead of green, orange, and red lights, you’d see a blue light.

Of fact, the most recent 2021 counterfeit AirPods are almost flawless. As a result, you will not be able to detect apparent mistakes such as these. However, there are always instances of old AirPods being re-sold on e-bay or other online auction sites. As a result, it is preferable to be safe than sorry.

The 1:1 SuperCopy

Even while it’s usually simple to distinguish between a fake pair of AirPods and a genuine pair, some of the most recent AirPods clones have blurred the line between fake and real nearly entirely, as shown in this video.

EverythingApplePro on YouTube has posted a video in which the developer demonstrates how the newest 1:1 AirPods SuperCopy equals the original in terms of both build quality and hardware performance. Watch the video below.
Even experienced Apple users will have difficulty distinguishing between the SuperCopy and a genuine set of AirPods when they are compared side-by-side with the originals.

The 1:1 SuperCopy is allegedly available for less than half the price (about $70 – $80), but it does not come with Apple’s quality guarantee or warranty. While some may choose to save money by purchasing a copycat that is less expensive but still of high quality, everyone should be cautious about paying full price for what may be a counterfeit AirPod.

In spite of the poor quality of the clone, there are still methods to tell whether or not it is an original piece of artwork.

Checking the Authenticity of Your AirPods: Some Tips and Tricks

1.Verify the serial number of your Apple AirPods

Image courtesy of Redskull’s YouTube channel.

Listed below is the number one, foolproof method of determining whether or not your AirPods are genuine. This technique will work with almost every version of the Apple AirPods, including the 1st generation, the 2nd generation, and the AirPods Pro, among others. As a matter of fact, this technique will work on any Apple product, including the iPhone.

Identifiers known as serial numbers are used to identify all Apple products and are found on the device itself. The serial number of your AirPods may be found on the bottom of the lid of your charging case if you are using them.
It is possible to tamper with the serial number of the AirPods, which is found on the box or the SKU label of the AirPods. The serial number that is found on the gadget itself, on the other hand, is the most genuine and trustworthy of the bunch. In addition to being located on the bottom of the lid, as previously stated, To be more specific, the grove on the right-side of the AirPods.
It should also be noted that the serial number will be anything along the lines of “Serial JCGTAH AH2TYTT” or something like. As a result, the term Serial will appear before the number.

Image from Apple Check

Simply go to checkcoverage.apple.com and enter your serial number, as well as a captcha code to prove that you are a person, and if your AirPods are genuine Apple products, you should be able to see all of the information about your legitimate Apple product.
However, even if your AirPods arrived with a legitimate charging case, there is still a very small possibility that they are not real Apple products.
This is almost difficult if you purchased your AirPods at retail, but it is an option to explore, particularly if you purchased your AirPods second-hand or via an online auction. We’ve got a couple of extra tricks under our sleeves for those exceptional situations.

Despite the fact that the serial number check used to be the most reliable authentication technique, it has now been rendered completely ineffective. The vast majority of clone producers are now embossing a genuine serial number on the box as well as the actual devices they are producing.

This is especially true given the high profitability of the AirPods market. Because of the large profit margins, they have been able to increase the level of quality as well. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to distinguish between them.

Due to the fact that the serial numbers are obtained from real AirPods sold by Apple, the serial number will pass the validation process on the official website. Because the serial number on the fake AirPods is genuine, the website will claim that the fake AirPods are genuine.

The serial number checking, on the other hand, is not entirely pointless. Because the vast majority of cloners are prone to being a bit careless, they may mistakenly include the serial number of the incorrect kind of AirPod. In the case of a pair of AirPods Pro in your possession, and you enter the serial number into the website and it displays as a pair of AirPods 2, you have an apparent clone in your possession.

Lastly and most crucially, we still suggest that you use this technique first before using any of the other authentication methods.

2.Look for Pairings That Are Simple

It’s possible to determine the authenticity of your AirPods by measuring their pairing speed (although you may not notice this in higher-end versions of the device). Because of their lightning-fast pairing speed, Apple AirPods are a favorite among tech enthusiasts. All you have to do is open the lid of your AirPods charging case and wait for the prompt on your iPhone to appear, which will allow you to connect to your AirPods.

You either have a faulty pair of authentic AirPods or a pair of AirPods that are not authentic at all. If it takes too long, or if it doesn’t connect seamlessly even after several attempts, it’s either because you have a faulty pair of authentic AirPods or because the AirPods are not authentic at all.

Apple’s quality control, on the other hand, is considered to be among the finest in the world, therefore the latter is much more probable.

3.Experiment with the Magnet Trick

A lesser-known method for verifying whether or not your AirPods are genuine (we learned about it from BestAliProducts on YouTube!) is to use a digital fingerprint.

It works particularly effectively since it is not generally recognized, which means that the people who created these AirPods knockoffs are unlikely to have worked out a method to get past this.
The Magnet Trick is a hack that makes use of the fact that every pair of genuine AirPods is equipped with a tiny but reasonably powerful magnet in each earpiece to accomplish its goal.
Considering that the magnets in each earpiece are identical in their orientation, and assuming that you recall your high-school physics lesson, you know that these magnets will always resist one another.

Refer to the picture below for instructions on how to do the magnet trick:

The image is courtesy of Life Entertainments.

Take your AirPods out of their charging case and place one in your hand while the other rests on a flat surface. That’s all it takes. Afterward, you must attempt to press the earpiece in your hand against the earpiece that is lying on the surface.

If you see that the earpiece moves – as in it is being repelled by the earpiece in your palm – then it is likely that your AirPods are genuine. If they don’t, you may be quite certain that they’re not real.

4.Keep an ear out for Bluetooth voice notifications

It’s possible that this technique will only work for lower-end AirPods clones, but if you hear a voice notice telling you that your “Bluetooth Device is Connected,” you can be certain that your AirPods are a complete and total hoax.

When your Apple AirPods successfully connect to your smartphone, they merely play a brief notification beep to let you know.

Observe the Lightning Port (number five).

One of the most straightforward things you can do to verify the validity of your AirPods is to turn the charging case over and look at the lightning port on the other side.

If the charging port is smoothly integrated into the device’s design, then it is a Genuine AirPod. A strong metal edge surrounding the AirPod, as well as any sort of gap between the lightning port and the charging cover, indicate that you have a Fake AirPod, according to this guide.
On sometimes, they may be deceptively difficult to detect. Check to see whether the lightning port is rounded or pointy, on the other hand. If the port seems to be rectangular in shape, it is almost certainly a fake.
The last thing you should look for is whether or not your AirPods really have a lightning port. Sometimes, instead of a Lightning port, the charging cases for Fake AirPods feature a Type-C charging port or a Micro-USB charging port instead of the original Lightning connector.

The majority of Fake Airpods on the market are constructed of low-cost materials in order to save money, and as a result, they will undoubtedly cut shortcuts. Either in terms of design or in terms of the technology itself. Due to the fact that Apple’s lightning connection is exclusive, Fake AirPods are often fitted with a USB-C or a Micro-USB port instead. All you have to do is make sure you’re dealing with a trapezoidal port as opposed to an Apple oval/cylindrical port before proceeding.

6.Pay close attention to the diffuser that may be located at the top.

In particular, the very excellent fake AirPods, such as the Super copy, are amazingly realistic. If the product is coming from a reputable source, it will simply pass through the packing testing and even the serial number tests. However, no matter how precise these gadgets are, there will always be a problem with them.

One of the most effective, if not the most well-known, methods is to inspect the sound diffuser located near the audio output on the top. The sound diffuser is very essential to the device’s audio output and sound quality, as it helps to reduce background noise. As a result, it must have two features that are regrettably absent from the counterfeit AirPods.
The alignment is the first of these factors. The sound diffuser must be precisely aligned with the circular construction in order for it to function properly. If it is not properly aligned, it will have a significant impact on the entire experience with the AirPods. This is a step that most counterfeit AirPods manufacturers omit. As a result, it is one of the most important things to consider while authenticating your AirPods or AirPods Pro.

The grille is the second important consideration when it comes to the diffuser. Another important element in the sound quality of this grille is the quality and interior design of the grille. Furthermore, since Apple spends a lot of money on materials, its products are always constructed of the highest quality steel. Fake AirPods, on the other hand, have a grille that is constructed of very low-quality plastic, according to the manufacturer. As a result, determining whether or not you are dealing with a fake is simple.

There you have it: our roundup of the finest methods and strategies for determining whether or not your Apple AirPods are genuine. Is there anything else you’d want to share with us in terms of tips and tricks? If so, we’d be interested in hearing from you. Check back with us soon for the most up-to-date instructions and product reviews on the most recent releases.

How do you check if your AirPods are real?

There are a variety of techniques and tactics that you may use to determine whether or not your AirPods are genuine. Some of the fundamentals are as follows:

All authentic Apple goods will eat a hole in your pocketbook if you buy them. Apple AirPods are often available for purchase for between 159 and 249 dollars. Of course, you can buy it for as little as $100 on Black Friday shopping. However, if you ever come across a bargain where the AirPods are available for less than $50, there is a good chance that it is a hoax offer.
The serial number is another distinguishing feature. As apparent as it may seem, this is really the most accurate test available. The serial number of your device may be found on the back of your charging cover. You may find out more about the product by going to checkcoverage.apple.com and inputting the serial number there. Obviously, this is the most reliable method.

There are, of course, other tests to take into consideration. So be sure to carefully read this post to learn how to determine whether or not your AirPods are authentic.

Fake AirPods are available on eBay and Amazon.

Despite the fact that AirPods are readily accessible on Amazon, not all of them are genuine. Some third-party vendors are offering expensive, low-quality copies for sale on the internet. They will even sell it at very cheap prices on occasion. When compared to the AirPods on the official Apple Store, they are usually available at a significant price reduction.

How to avoid fake AirPods

Purchase authentic AirPods from the official Apple Shop, Apple’s official store on Amazon, a reputable merchant, or a trusted friend as the most effective method to prevent purchasing counterfeit AirPods. While it may be tempting to get the cheapest AirPods from Amazon, this is not a good idea. There is always the chance that these third-party vendors are just selling counterfeit AirPods at an exorbitantly high price to make a profit.

If you truly want to save money on the Originals, the most cost-effective way would be to get them through the Apple Refurbished store or from reputable Tech Exchange companies or resellers. eBay, of course, is a fantastic site for finding and purchasing second-hand AirPods for rock-bottom prices.

You must, however, proceed with caution in this situation. Because there are more fraudsters in this area than there are on platforms such as Amazon, for example.

In order to get the most of your investment in AirPods, we suggest that you purchase genuine ones. Alternatively, if you really have no option but to purchase second-hand earphones, you should begin by reading the evaluations left by previous buyers.

They often include important information on the legitimacy and quality of the product. We also suggest that you purchase it from a seller that has a large number of positive ratings since this will provide you with more reliable information.

You may also look at the pictures that have been posted by the reviewers to get additional information. These are often the most trustworthy photographs.

If cost is really an issue, then purchasing an alternative to the AirPods is the most effective method to get low-cost AirPods. Not a replica or a knockoff AirPod here, please understand that. True Wireless Earbuds from a reputable manufacturer that are much less expensive than the Apple AirPods are what I’m referring about.

There are a variety of True Wireless Earbuds available, including those from Samsung, JBL, Amazfit, Xiaomi, Mobvoi, and many more. Now, these devices more or less provide the same technology and functionality at a much lower cost. However, you will have to make appropriate concessions. For example, they do not have the same audio quality as the Apple AirPods, which is a major disappointment.

These Alternatives, on the other hand, offer their own set of advantages. For example, the ZMI Purpods has a battery life that is five times longer than that of the Apple AirPods.


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