The iPad mini 6, as we’re dubbing it, has been the subject of surprisingly few rumors in recent weeks. Even so, an updated small iPad is anticipated to debut this year, most likely around the same time as a new iPhone is expected to be unveiled, which is expected to happen around the same time.

A makeover of this magnitude is anticipated to result in an iPad mini that is radically different from the previous five generations of smaller Apple tablets. In addition to smaller bezels and a bigger display in the same chassis footprint, the iPad mini 6 is anticipated to have a new version of Touch ID, which is likely to be incorporated into the fingerprint scanner, similar to that seen on Apple’s newest iPad Air.

So, with those enhancements in mind, here’s everything we know about the iPad Mini 6 so far, as well as what we want to see from it.

The most recent iPad mini 6 news (updated August 22)

1.The rumored release date and pricing for the iPad mini 6.

the iPad Mini 6 is expected to be launched this autumn and that it “should be a go.” The autumn is often a busy launch season for Apple, and the iPhone 13 is anticipated to be unveiled somewhere in September or October this year. As a result, the announcement of a new iPad mini in the autumn would not come as a complete surprise.

A further report from DigiTrends says that Apple will host several launch events in September, with the introduction of a new iPad rumored to be the centerpiece. Despite the fact that the iPad mini 6 isn’t specifically mentioned in the story, if a new regular iPad is on the coming, it would make sense for the mini 6 to be shown alongside it.

The iPad mini 6 will most likely retain the $399 price tag that was applied to its predecessor. Apple has typically maintained the same pricing for its tablets over the years, and the iPad mini comes with 64GB of storage as standard, making it a superior value proposition when compared to the 32GB $329 iPad mini.

The 256GB iPad mini costs $149 more than the 128GB model, for a total price of $549, and the price-to-storage upgrading trend seems to be continuing.

2.Display on the iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6 renders
Photograph by Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan / Front Page Tech (Credit: Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan)

In addition to being expected to have approximately the same size as its predecessor, rumors suggest that the new iPad mini may feature an 8.4-inch screen. That would represent a significant increase in screen size above the 7.9-inch display of the fifth-generation iPad mini.

Furthermore, according to a supply chain rumor, the iPad mini 6 is expected to have a micro-LED display similar to that seen in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021. By opting for a micro-LED display rather than a conventional LCD screen, the iPad mini 6 may offer greater brightness, contrast, and colors than the current small Cupertino slate’s Retinal display, which is already very good.

The specifications of the iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6 renders
Photograph by Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan / Front Page Tech (Credit: Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan)

According to FrontPageTech’s Jon Prosser, the next iPad mini 6 will be powered by the A14 Bionic CPU, which is the same chipset used in the iPhone 12 series of devices. Additionally, the Lightning connector may be replaced with a USB-C port, and the iPad mini 6 may be equipped with an optional 5G modem.

According to a recent article on the Chinese tech website (which was translated using Google Translate), the iPad mini 6 will be equipped with an A13 CPU, which makes sense as an improvement over the A12 Bionic processors used in the iPad mini 5 and iPad mini 4.

4.the design of the iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6 renders
Photograph by Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan / Front Page Tech (Credit: Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan)

A set of renderings created by leaker Jon Prosser and RendersbyIan depict an iPad mini 6 with reduced bezels and no home button, as well as a smaller screen size. In these renderings, the 7.9-inch display expands to 8.5 inches, and the power button on the top right side is reported to serve as a Touch ID button as well as a power button.

In terms of dimensions, according to Prosser’s sources, the iPad mini 6 will be only 3mm higher and broader than its tiny predecessor, measuring 206.3mm x 137.8mm x 6.1mm.

This is further supported by a video showing what seems to be an aluminum mold of the iPad mini 6, which appears to confirm the accuracy of the renderings. The video, which was provided by Technordo, suggests that Apple’s smallest tablet would undergo a significant makeover.

5.iPad mini 6 with a positive attitude

Apple’s iPad mini 6 leaks and speculations indicate that the company is about to release one of the finest tiny tablets to date. More power, a larger panel, and fewer bezels are all things we support, and Touch ID functionality would be a nice addition as well. And we will not be the ones to say Lightning is no longer among us.


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