People in the United States are catching on to Vice President Joe Biden; they are starting to realize what Democrats and their media allies, such as CNN and MSNBC, were so successful in concealing throughout last year’s presidential election campaign. In the wake of the election, voters are finding that they chose an empty shell of a president, an often dazed and erratic figure lacking in conviction and power, whose every campaign promise was completely fabricated.

Although there was no major voter fraud in the 2020 election, this does not rule out the possibility of a terrible scam being committed against American voters.

The most concerning development for Biden today is that people are even turning against the character traits that he emphasized throughout his campaign, such as honesty and empathy.

The most concerning development for Democrats today is that they will be unable to rely on the president to carry them to victory in 2022. It’s no surprise that they’re attempting to ram through their progressive wish-list via a huge $3.5 trillion budget plan that has zero Republican support. They are well aware that this is their only opportunity.

A fresh new Economist/YouGov survey has worrisome results for Biden and his party, including the following results:

39 percent of those surveyed believe Joe Biden speaks what he thinks; 44 percent feel he says what people want to hear; and 39 percent disagree.

38 percent are confident in “Joe Biden’s capacity to deal intelligently with a worldwide crisis,” while 46 percent are “uneasy” about his ability to do so.

While 41 percent of the public believes Joe Biden is “honest and trustworthy,” 42 percent believes he is not;

When it comes to whether Biden really “cares” about people like them, the country is divided.

In fact, just 21% believe Biden will be able to bring the nation together. 53 percent of the population does not;

Only 27% believe Biden is a “moderate.” 51 percent believe he is “liberal” or “extremely liberal,” while only 27% believe he is “moderate.”

Keep in mind that this large poll of 2,000 Americans was done between July 24 and July 27, which means it was completed before the turmoil that has erupted around the Delta variant began.

The White House’s failure to provide the American people with straightforward answers regarding the highly infectious new strain of COVID-19 and the increasing number of “breakthrough” cases will further undermine public confidence in the president’s capacity to lead the country.

The Biden administration is being put through its paces after five months of honeymoon and relatively easy sledding. So far, things are not going well.

Higher prices are being charged for goods and services, and fewer jobs are being created than anticipated by the economy, which burst out of the gate late last year. Democrats are responsible for both of these issues.

Because they paid individuals more to remain at home than to return to work, they were able to create an artificial scarcity of employees to help drive the recovery. Businesses big and small are being forced to pay higher wages in order to recruit new employees, and they are passing those expenses on to customers in the form of higher pricing.

Salary increases in the private sector increased by 3.1 percent in the second quarter, the largest increase since 2008. That’s excellent news for employees, except that the rise was more than offset by a price increase of more than 5 percent that occurred over the same time period.

Concern over inflation may explain why respondents to the Economist survey are divided on Biden’s performance on the economy, with 44 percent approving and 43 percent disapproving. In an April poll, Biden had a 47 percent to 39 percent advantage over Clinton.

The border issue, which has resulted in more than one million individuals entering the nation illegally since September last year, is also creating difficulties for the White House, and for good reason. Only 35% of Americans agree with Vice President Biden’s attitude on immigration, with the other half of the country disapproving.

We are unable to be successful on the border because of Biden policy: Brandon Judd is a professional basketball player. Video

What makes you think it’s any different? Our facilities are being overrun by the influx of migrants, and the Biden administration is relocating tens of thousands of people to cities and towns throughout the country, despite the fact that many of them are sick with COVID-19.

That this has happened is reprehensible, and it is completely the responsibility of Vice President Biden, who deliberately reversed measures put in place by President Trump that had helped to curb the flow of illegal immigrants.

President Donald Trump has refused to hold Vice President Kamala Harris accountable for the border crisis, and her polling numbers have plummeted, with more people disapproving of the vice president than approving of her.

Democrats are threatening to up their rhetoric on the immigration issue, asking for passage of a route to citizenship for so-called “dreamers” as part of their proposed $3.5 trillion federal budget.

This is a dangerous approach since history has shown that Americans are usually accepting of legal immigrants and that they are favorable toward young people who have been brought into the nation illegally by their families. However, when our border is overrun, people’s goodwill tends to wane, and many would revolt if Democrats take unilateral action.

Biden’s popularity rating in international affairs has also been turned upside down, according to the Economist poll. Who among us is surprised? He has dithered on Cuba and approved the Nord Stream 2 project in order to “win” a meeting with Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin, which is a remarkable achievement in and of itself.

Israel has pleaded with the president to re-enter the Iran nuclear agreement, and Iran has continued to be bellicose despite the president’s eagerness to do so despite the pact being severely defective.

It is because of his snub of Saudi Arabia that the chances of building on Trump’s ground-breaking Middle East reset have been diminished. He has also delegated control of the United States’ climate and tax policies to foreign consortiums who do not want us well.

Despite the fact that most Americans dislike Donald Trump, they admired his commitment to putting our country first. In 2017, despite the leftist media’s condemnation of his inauguration speech, Politico claimed that 65 percent of the country supported his “America First” theme.

Biden doesn’t deny report of US handing over names of Americans to Taliban: ‘There may have been’

Democrats are well aware that they are in danger. The reason for this is because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is holding political hearings on the Capitol Hill riots that occurred on January 6.

She thought it would deflect attention away from Vice President Biden’s waning presence, away from inflation, away from the White House’s failure to get people vaccinated, away from the border issue, and…away from President Trump himself. She hoped to increase Democratic funding and excitement by doing so.

Pelosi, on the other hand, is finding that criticizing the previous president has become tiresome. Fewer individuals support the investigation now than they did a few months ago, and the vast majority did not bother to watch.

It is interesting to see in a Morning Consult survey that more people blame the media and social media for the assault on the Capitol on January 6 than they do Donald Trump for the attack on the Capitol.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was built on deception, and his administration is now suffering the price.


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