Officials report that Michigan lottery winner had a thrill in 2010 after receiving almost $1 million on food stamps while nearly $1 million was found dead in a river on the bank.

A body was recovered on Saturday in the Tittabawassee River and identified by the police in Midland as Leroy Fick, who was 69 and from Auburn.

How the person died was not mentioned.

Fick has earned more than $1 million after picking the lump payment option for a $2 million lotto win. According to him, he was not disqualified by big lottery wins for food stamp assistance.

Fick allegedly bought explosives and a Camaro, as reported by MLive, in addition to the new residence.

In response to a lottery winner’s statement from 2011, the Michigan Legislative changed the laws and required the Department of Health and Human Services to be informed of the lottery wins.

Amanda Clayton is said to have died from an overdose of heroin in 2012.


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