A 14-year-old girl from North Dakota, who was skating in a strip mall, has been slain in a random 20-minute assault in which she has been shocked, punched, and stabbed more than 20 times, sources say.

Paulsen’s Daisy “Jupiter” was certified brain dead Tuesday, four days after she was beaten violently on Fargo, and her family works to donate their bodies, the Forum reported a local news source.

According to a Cass county prosecutor, her suspected attacker, Arthur Prince Kollie, 23, previously charged with tentative murder, robbery, and aggravated assault is now charged with murder.

Kollie informed detectives that, in accordance with court papers quoted by the outlet, he consumed methamphetamine on 3 June, the day before the attack, and denied any part in the crime.

The defendant, who had been on probation for his 2017 conviction for assaulting a peace officer, stated he was strolling about the location of the incident.

Jupiter was skating at 7 a.m. Friday when she was assaulted by her dad’s home Robert to his mother’s household, the Forum said quoting father and court records.

The 20-minute beatdown near Party City was partly captured by camera surveillance.

A sanitary worker driving by spotted a guy wearing a white T-Shirt and black leggings leaning or standing over the girl’s neck one hand and placing the other on his throat.

911 was contacted and CPR was administered by the youngster, KVLY-TV informed her mom, Antonia Johnson.

The guy ran, but later the police found him about half a mile from the location of the incident to a Walmart shop. The surveillance images of the store revealed that a customer grabbed new clothing, placed it in a changing room, and left without payment.

In the changing area, the police discovered abandoned shoes and blood-soaked garments. Later they located a guy who matched the guy who took the clothes and identified him as Kollie.

Kollie allegedly said while he was under arrest for robbery and attempted murder: “Tentative assassination, since she’s alive? Or what? Or what? What does the assassination attempt mean?”

On 7 May, he pled guilty to release a weapon inside city borders with firearms as a criminal and drug paraphernalia.

The Forum stated that Kollie was sentenced to 18 months supervised probation and 27 days’ imprisonment — yet court records indicated he was freed in the slammer after serving that time.

On Monday, Jupiter’s father issued an online campaign update saying: “We have just heard from the Doctor today that our baby daughter has gone too far and they can’t do anything. Just to get your family together and say farewell.”

Two days later, after it had been taken away from life support, the organ donation flag was hoisted outside Sanford Hospital in honor of Jupiter, said KVLY-TV.

Life Source collected her remains to make sure she lives on by donating an organ.

“That means to me in the world it part of her will save lives in the world and be able to share that with someone she would have liked and wanted to assist someone. So her wants are my wants as well, “According to the station, her mother remarked.

She added the family could not have saved Jupiter’s organs had it not been for the health professional.

“We could see her soon after it was done and converse with her and he gave us a little extra time,” Johnson told KVLY.

“If you didn’t feel well it was, ‘Momma, mom, mom, mom, mom,’ she could step into the room till I smiled and she would grin and say, ‘I love you,'” she continued.



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