A Polish citizen has identified what could be an unknown mass burial near the famous Auschwitz Nazi extermination camp.

ABC News said that the police and prosecutors in the nation are currently testing the discovery after anonymous residents have found around 12 human skulls and a number of human bones along the Sola river bank.

The find was horrific, according to the story, in the southern Polish town of Oswiecim when the level of water on the river was low.

The police are investigating if the bones are related to the extermination camp, but ABC has been informed by a spokesman for the Auschwitz Museum Friday they were located outside the camp.

In the WWII camp erected by the Germans during The Holocaust, almost a million people were slaughtered.

Most individuals slaughtered at Auschwitz during the Holocaust were Jews from Europe, although the armies of Adolf Hitler also executed Russian soldiers, gypsies, German dissidents, and other individuals.


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