For the record, we first heard about a lighter version of the PlayStation 5 digital download back in July, but there was no mention of a lighter version of the disc version at the time of publication. The new PS5 consoles that have been delivered to Australia, on the other hand, indicate that Sony has reduced the weight of both PS5 models.

When the PlayStation 5 disc and digital versions were first released, the model numbers for the disc and digital versions were CFI-1000A and CFI-1000B, respectively. It is believed that Australia has gotten a fresh batch of consoles with a more current model number, while until recently, all consoles on the market still had one of these numbers attached to them.

Taking a look at the last shipment of consoles to arrive in Australia, it seems that the disc version consoles all came with the same model number: CFI-1102A. It’s important to note that although not identical, this model number is very close to the PS5 digital version model number that was announced in July and that would be included in the new lighter PS5 digital console.

(This is the model number of the new lightweight version of the PS5 disc edition.)

The manual for the new PS5 disc version is already available (in Japanese), but the manual for the disc version is not. In comparison to the original PS4 disc version, the PS5 disc edition will be 300g lighter and utilize new base stand screws, assuming the changes between the original and the new digital edition are anything to go by.

It may not seem to be much, but using new base stand screws is a significant improvement over the old ones since the new screws are adjustable by hand without the need of a tool. Although it hasn’t been verified yet, it’s possible that these new screws are lighter than the original ones, which would explain at least some of the weight reduction of the console.

In the photo on the left, you can see the new hand-adjustable base stand screw; on the right, you can see the previous base stand screw.

In-depth details on what has changed between the launch model and the new one that is coming out will be available once these lighter consoles are available in more regions. So far, we can only guess that the 300g weight reduction was accomplished via the use of a lighter inner frame, lighter components, or simply by eliminating excess weight from the vehicle.

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