DALLAS, Texas — Former President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Democrats are trying to intimidate the Supreme Court in order to get favorable decisions, including threatening to crowd the nine-member bench and launching impeachment charges against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“The Democrats are savage in their attacks on the Supreme Court and Kavanaugh,” Trump added.

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Trump made the remarks during a wide-ranging speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, in which he addressed issues ranging from his impeachment to the Russia probe, as well as criticizing Democrats on issues like immigration and critical race theory.

Trump focused much of his address on what he said were surprisingly liberal Supreme Court decisions, despite the fact that the court has a 6-3 GOP-nominated majority, including three justices chosen by Trump himself.

“Because the nine justices don’t want to be crammed, we’re getting some surprising decisions. And the Democrats have the ability to fill the court, which they do not want to do “Trump stated his opinion.

“They’re playing the referee,” Trump added, “and that’s exactly what’s going on with our Supreme Court.”

“They won’t be crowded if the court rule in their favor,” Trump said.

One of Trump’s concerns about the court was that it refused to hear a lawsuit brought by Texas to overturn the election results in four states won by Vice President Joe Biden — legal experts had already declared the claim was procedurally defective before the court decided to hear it.

Trump also brought up remarks by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., aimed at Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch, which many saw as threats.


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