Whether you are spending quality time with your friends or binge-watching your favorite programs, if you are in front of your computer, you are almost certainly on your gaming chair.

While you can use any standard dining room chair, milk crate, or bar stool to sit in while working on your rig, if you are putting in serious hours with your rig, you will most likely want something that will support you through the long hours and also something that you will find visually appealing.

It goes without saying that an exquisite white gaming chair will improve the overall looks of your gaming area, but finding one that will both fit in flawlessly and make you feel comfortable may be a difficult task.

This is why we’ve compiled this list of the finest white gaming seats for 2021, which you can see below. The trend-setting thrones described below will not only sustain you through the late nights and lazy Sundays, but they will do so with a stunning alabaster accent to complete the look.

Best White Gaming Chairs

1.Arozzi Verona XL+ White

Arozzi Verona XL+ White


  • Ideal for players that are above 6 feet tall.
  • Seating that is spacious and comfy
  • Construction of superior quality
  • It has a headrest as well as a lumbar pillow.


  • Pricey, but worth it
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Only one-dimensional armrests are available.
  • The seat has a lot of cushioning.

Our score is 9.5 out of 10.

A gaming chair with a lot of muscle, intended for gamers with a lot of muscle. Despite the fact that it lacks some of the features found in Arozzi’s other gaming chair, the Verona XL+ is still a good choice when it comes to gaming chairs. It offers much of the same quality as the Vernazza series but at a little higher price.

Despite the fact that there is a little more black than white in this collection, the pure white items are easily distinguished. Despite its beautiful appearance, this chair is nevertheless classified as a high back racing chair because of the steep side panels on both the back and the seat of the chair. Because it provides a highly secure sensation, some people may feel a bit confined; nevertheless, the broader and taller design performs an excellent job of alleviating any tight emotions.

The Verona Series, like the Vernazza Series, is constructed of steel with a molded foam core and pleather upholstery. This indicates that it is both gentle to the touch and long-lasting. Despite this, the Verona XL+ does not score nearly as well in comfort, maybe as a result of the additional attention paid to a more roomy fit or for some other unexplained cause.

It’s still an objectively comfy chair that you can sit in and game in for a long period of time; it simply doesn’t quite measure up to some of the competitors. It does, however, make up for its shortcomings in terms of comfort by providing excellent quality and durability.

Its recline angle is a decent 165°, which allows you to relax and enjoy your games or movies without feeling restricted. In addition, the rocking and tilt lock features let you truly discover that ideal position to fall back into for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Unfortunately, the armrests can only be adjusted up and down, which is a pity given the price range of the chair. On the plus side, the chair is equipped with substantial lumbar support as well as an adjustable neck cushion to provide optimum comfort. When it comes to features, the Verona XL+ has a good selection to choose from.

The use of high-quality materials ensures a long product life, and assembly is fairly simple. Although a 2-year warranty does not provide coverage in perpetuity, it is still a rather long period of time. Because it is designed for those with bigger frames, the chair might benefit from a bit of extra cushioning, but generally, the Verona XL+ delivers a great performance.

If you are searching for a chair that is suitable for people who are both large and tall, the Verona XL+ is the right choice for you. This is an all-around excellent option since it has a reasonable number of features, a high-quality construction, and a bigger frame. The amount of cushioning and the white to black color ratio are both somewhat below average, yet it still manages to provide a pleasant and attractive feel while still allowing you to remain on top of your game while wearing it.

2. Arozzi Vernazza Series White

Arozzi Vernazza Series White


  • Extremely comfy
  • Excellent for players that are taller or larger in stature.
  • Construction of superior quality
  • Neck and lumbar support pillows are available.
  • Armrests with three-dimensional contours
  • It is simple to put together.


  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The chair only reclines to a maximum of 165 degrees.

Our score is 9.7 out of 10.

Similar to the Masters Series, this chair is of the highest quality, but it comes at a hefty price. When it comes to seats, the Arozzi Vernazza Series is a good option because of its high-quality construction and the flexibility to customize the chair to your liking.

With its highbacked racing design, which is a common trend across the list, the Vernazza has side panels on the back and seat that rise just enough to make you feel comfortable, but not so much that you feel squished into the seat, making it a perfect fit for bigger gamers as well.

In addition to offering a pleasant ride, the pleather cover atop the cold-mold foam provides the toughness necessary to sustain you through many competitions and matches. The Vernazza, in contrast to other chairs, has a broader shape that allows you to stretch out and feel comfy.

A lumbar support cushion and adjustable neck support are included with this chair, which is specially intended to keep you upright and free of low back discomfort while you are using it. The cushions are movable and may be removed if you find that they are becoming too much for your comfort. You may need to spend some time fine-tuning their placement in order to get the best results, but the general quality and form of them are excellent if you need additional support.

Additionally, the armrests of the chair can be adjusted in three dimensions, enabling you to move them vertically, horizontally, and rotate them in and out to find the most comfortable position for your elbows to rest.

While this chair does not recline all the way to 180 degrees, it should still be able to provide enough comfort for those who just want to relax and watch a movie or some YouTube videos at a comfortable angle.

The tilt lock feature also allows you to freely rock back and forth or locate the ideal place to rest your head. With the support and customizable features of the Arozzi Vernazza Series, you shouldn’t have any trouble making yourself at home with your new furniture.

The broader seat and shoulder design demonstrate that this chair is intended for those who are big and tall, but it also accommodates people who weigh up to 320 pounds, and the gas spring height adjustment mechanism will assist you in finding the perfect position for you.

Out of the box, you’ll find an easy-to-follow set of pictorial instructions that will have you set up and ready to go in no time. While the overall quality is good, the 2-year guarantee is something to keep in mind before purchasing this chair.

You should choose the Arozzi Vernazza Series if the terms “huge and tall” have ever been associated with you. This gaming chair has the same ergonomic racing design as other gaming seats, but it is broader and stronger in construction, so you will not feel cramped or crowded when playing. Although it may get a little tight after many hours, let’s be honest: at that point, you may find yourself needing to stretch a little bit before going back to work on your leveling-up skills.

Overall, the Vernazza Series is a high-quality and comfortable gaming chair that has enough customizable options to allow you to customize it to your preferences and needs. Despite the high price tag, it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a white gaming chair with a high level of comfort. If you do decide to go through with it, bear in mind that you will be on your own after two years.

3. AKRacing Masters Series Arctica

AKRacing Masters Series Arctica

Arctica is part of the AKRacing Masters Series. REASONS TO MAKE A PURCHASE

  • Extremely comfy
  • Parts of superior quality
  • It’s quite simple to put together.
  • Neck and lumbar support pillows are available.
  • There is a lot of adjustabilities.
  • Good-looking appearances


  • The side bolsters that are narrow
  • Costs are increasing.

9.8 out of 10 based on our evaluation

The Arctica from the AKRacing Masters Series is a gaming chair that really lives up to its name, setting the standard for what a gaming chair can be. This is a fantastic all-around option for a white gaming chair since it is comfortable, adjustable, simple to build, and attractive to look at.

The classic racing seat design is used in the production of AKRacing seats, as you can undoubtedly imagine. As soon as you sit in the Masters series, you’ll feel as if you’re being embraced by a buddy. The back and seat are both covered with side panels. The seat, which is constructed of high-density foam and covered in PU leather, is mounted on an anti-corrosive steel frame for further durability.

With just enough cushioning to provide optimum comfort, but not so much that it becomes bulky or unpleasant, this seat will assist you in maintaining your posture while you put in some significant work. Furthermore, the PU leather covering is pleasant to the touch while remaining sturdy and simple to clean, allowing you to rest easy in the event of a spill.

The flexibility to modify almost everything on the Masters series chairs contributes to the overall comfort of the chair. With the help of 4D armrests, you may adjust the position of your arms up and down, in and out, back and forth, and even side to side to find the ideal posture. With the ability to recline all the way back to a flat 180°, you could even use it to take a brief sleep in.

The chair not only reclines back, but it also has a dynamic tilt lock mechanism, which enables you to rock back and forth and lock it into the most comfortable position for you. Anything, as well as the adjustable and detachable neck rest and lumbar support cushion, allow you to customize virtually everything for a great fit on almost any chair.

Another plus for this rolling behemoth is its good looks. It will leave an impression on you every time you look at it since it has, kind of, two white choices. True white chairs have a mostly white design on the front of the chair, with a few black accents scattered around the head and seat, as well as two red lines at the shoulders for a burst of color. The silver option, although not a full whiteout, has a similar alabaster look to the white option, as well as a beautiful black racing stripe running down the middle.

As previously said, the chair is very comfortable; but, if you have wider hips, you should be aware that the side panels on the seat and back are a little thin and maybe a little unpleasant. That being said, the Masters Series recommends a height of up to 6’5″ and a weight capacity of over 300 pounds, which should accommodate the vast majority of players.

Overall, the AKRacing Masters Series Arctica is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a white gaming chair that’s both comfortable and affordable. Despite the fact that it has a high price tag (one of the biggest on our list), it is probably the finest white gaming chair in 2021 when considering the quality, comfort, and design.

4. Musso Gaming Chair White

Musso Gaming Chair White

White Musso Gaming Chair with Arms REASONS TO MAKE A PURCHASE

  • Seating that is spacious and comfy
  • Construction of high-quality and long-lasting materials
  • Ideal for players with a lot of resources.
  • It is simple to put together.
  • It has a headrest as well as a lumbar pillow.
  • Pricing that is competitive


  • There is just a one-year warranty.
  • The only way to adjust the armrests is to move them vertically.

9.6 out of 10 based on our evaluation

A good performance from a competitor with a little budget. However, although the Musso Gaming chair lacks some of the features seen in our previous entry, there are many other chairs that cost twice as much and provide similar comfort, quality, and functionality. In terms of the total value, the Musso Gaming Chair is an excellent choice that outperforms its price range.

Featuring an elaborately patterned black and white split all over the face of the chair, as well as an embroidered panther face evocative of a particular comic book character, this seat is both comfortable and visually appealing. While it is not entirely white, the color contrast does an excellent job of grabbing your attention without being overdone in the process.

The importance of comfort in this experience cannot be overstated. A high-density foam substance with a 10-year lifetime is placed on top of a sturdy metal frame for long-lasting durability. All of this is protected by a triple-layer construction consisting of basic fabric, another layer of sponge for added comfort, and lastly PU leather for a nice feel and sturdy cover.

The Musso is still in the racing seat design, with side panels on the back, but it has a comfortable low-rise seat that is one of the broadest available on the market today. In other words, you can lie back in your chair and feel comfortable and safe without having to worry about your lower half being locked in place. Additionally, with a weight capacity of up to 400lbs and a height range of 30 to 60 inches, this is a chair that is suitable for everyone.

With an adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion, you have the ability to customize your seat to your preferences. Because the cushions are also made of PU leather, you may notice that they are a bit squeaky at times, but not enough to distract you from your gaming experience.

While the armrests do have the ability to be adjusted vertically, one of the disadvantages is that this is the only change you will be able to make to the armrests in this configuration. The chair does, however, recline all the way back to 160 degrees and has a tilt mechanism that enables you to rock up and down for that zero-gravity feeling.

Due to the fact that it is simple and straightforward to assemble, you may be back to gaming in less than 20 minutes after receiving it. There is a 1-year warranty, which is another drawback, but at this price, you are unlikely to find a better deal on anything comparable.

All things considered, the Musso Gaming chair is an excellent choice if you are searching for a high-quality and comfy white-themed gaming chair while also attempting to save a little money. However, there are a few aspects that detract from its total value, such as the one-year guarantee and one-dimensional armrests, but for the money, you won’t find anything better.

5.PLAYSEAT Evolution White Racing Chair

PLAYSEAT Evolution White Racing Chair


  • Construction that is both durable and of high quality
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Developed by a group of experienced drivers
  • Design in white that is really stunning.
  • The steel structure that can be adjusted
  • Exceptionally compatible


  • It is not pleasant to sit for extended periods of time.
  • Large players may find it difficult to fit.
  • The seat itself does not have any adjustments.

9.0 out of 10 based on our evaluation

The last item on our list is a white gaming chair that is designed for a particularly unique experience. In addition to being a stationary seat, the PLAYSEAT Evolution White Racing Chair is especially intended for use with racing simulators. Given its reasonable pricing for racing simulator seats, it provides a satisfactory experience for what is offered, but it does not perform well as a general gaming seat.

You can clearly see the silver-coated steel material that is used to construct the frame, which also serves as the foundation for the chair as well as the pedal and steering mounts that are linked to the rigging system. The seat is a typical high-backed racing design with low-rise side panels on the back and seat of the chair, which simulates a genuine racing feel as closely as possible.

Because of its semi-wide shape, the seat is generally very comfortable, even when just a little quantity of cushioning is used. Several black dots at the head of the seats and on each side of the chairs provide a touch of class to this all-white vinyl cover, which gives a very smooth appearance.

In order to replicate the sensation of being behind the wheel, the Evolution chair was created and developed by experienced racing drivers. This chair, in addition to having a chassis for the peripheral components, features an easy folding design that makes storage a breeze. This seat is designed to be compatible with all systems, PCs, and almost all peripheral components, so you should have no trouble getting your racing setup up and running with it.

Aside from the racing chassis and folding form, this chair offers relatively few additional features compared to other chairs. Because there are no armrests, you are unable to modify them in any way. Although you may change the placement of your peripheral racing components, the seat itself remains fixed in place.

Furthermore, there seems to be a rather significant design flow associated with the location of the steering support. Because the pole for the steering wheel is located exactly in the center of the rig, you may have difficulty reaching all of your pedals unless you are very flexible.

You are limited to the predetermined configuration if you do not lean or tilt your body. This seat provides enough comfort and support for a few races, but you should avoid using it for long-distance events such as marathons or ultramarathons.

You might choose the PLAYSEAT Evolution racing chair if you want to get into the sport of motorcycling and racing.

With a reasonable price for racing sim setups and a design that is largely comfortable, if not completely, in short bursts, this chair represents good value for the money. However, there are several design flaws that make it far from ideal. With its lack of changeable components and functions, it is impossible to fully personalize your purchase.

The playset Evolution, on the other hand, works well as a white gaming chair for use with racing simulations.

6.VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000



  • It is very simple to construct
  • A seat that is both comfortable and firm
  • Exceptional aesthetics
  • Neck and lumbar pillows that can be adjusted
  • There are many color choices.
  • Warranty for a long time


  • It’s possible that a firm seat is not for everyone.
  • There are some problems with the quality.

9.3 out of 10 based on our evaluation

With a two-step assembly process, this chair is ready to use and offers a smooth ride at an affordable price. The VERTAGEAR S-Line 2000 is a bright and fast gaming chair that has a lot of features you would expect from a higher-end gaming chair. However, it has some problems with durability that need to be addressed.

When combined with black, snow-white PUC (PVC cloth and PU Leather) produces a striking appearance that is pleasant to the touch, sturdy, and simple to clean. The combination of materials offers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and cleanliness, while the chair’s inside is made up of a steel frame and high-density foam for maximum support and comfort.

It has a little stiffer feel than some of its rivals, but it is still comfortable enough to allow you to put in some long hours on a regular basis.

S-Line 2000, like the Musso before it, is a high back racing design with smaller side panels on the back, similar to the Musso. Side panels are present on the seat of this chair, while they were absent from the Musso’s seat (despite the fact that they are of low rise). This implies that you will still feel safe despite the fact that you will not be squashed.

However, despite the fact that the panels are the low rise on both the seat and the back, the sitting area is a little too little. While it is capable of supporting up to 240 pounds and is intended for taller players, if you are even a little wide, it may be too small.

When it comes to features, the S-Line 2000 delivers a satisfactory performance. The neck and lumbar support cushions are of reasonable quality and can be adjusted by sliding the straps about so that you may find the position that is most comfortable for you, or you can remove them entirely if you prefer. Because the armrests are only adjustable in two directions, you won’t have complete control, but you will be able to try to find a comfortable position.

Despite the fact that it only reclines back to 140°, which is a lesser swing than many other chairs, it does have an 80° pivot, so if you want to lean forward a little, you have the choice. Since of the adjustable tilt function, you may rock and lock into one of four locking settings, and because the chair is available in a variety of heights, it is an excellent choice for both tall and short gamers.

Overall, the S-Line 2000 should be seriously considered as a white gaming chair for your next gaming session. However, bear in mind that there have been some problems with the cushioning’s durability, so you may be in for a pleasant ride, but one that isn’t very lengthy.

The fact that each component comes with a 2-to-10-year guarantee should alleviate any concerns on that front. The S-Line-2000 is a great option since it provides an extremely simple setup procedure thanks to VERTAGEAR’s straightforward 2-step assembly method, as well as a typical array of quality and comfort characteristics.

7.Merax Gaming Chair

Merax Gaming Chair


  • Excellent support for the neck and lower back.
  • Footrests, pockets, and cup holders are all included.
  • Construction of superior quality
  • Seating that is comfortable
  • It is simple to put together.
  • It seems to be of high quality.


  • Armrests that are permanently attached
  • Stationary
  • PC gaming is not recommended.

9.1 out of 10 based on our evaluation

The Merax gaming chair is a comfy white gaming chair with several great features. However, because of its unusual form, it is better suited to a niche market. It is a stationary chair that is better suited for gaming in the living room than for sitting in front of your computer. Because it is marketed as a set of three seats in one, this is an extremely excellent choice if this is the sort of item you are searching for.

The Merax looks and feels like a gaming chair, thanks to its high back and side panels on the back that are similar to those seen on racing chairs. Because the side panels on the back are rather high, you will feel safe and comfortable in your position.

In contrast to this, the chair’s base is a fixed circular design, and the seat of the chair has a completely integrated fold-up reclining style footrest. This chair, which looks like a cross between a movie theater seat, a recliner, and a racing chair, is certainly a one-of-a-kind design. It is not a terrible design by any means, but it is distinctive.

An anchoring system secures the steel frame to the heavy-duty circular base, although it can only hold 275lbs of weight, which is much less than the bulk of the chairs mentioned. Additionally, although the white option is beautiful, with lots of cold white accentuated brilliantly by black on the edges, it is coated in fabric rather than PVC or PU leather, which makes for a more comfortable ride.

While this implies that it is more breathable and pleasant to the touch, it also means that it is more easily stained and less durable than other materials. Design-wise, it certainly looks and feels like a gaming chair, although an unusual one, it does have a few flaws that detract from its overall appeal.

The Merax makes up for lost ground in terms of features, including those that are absent from several of the other chairs. It has the same capabilities as the other seats, including the ability to swivel 360° and recline, but only up to 135 degrees. Neck and lumbar support cushions that are both adjustable and detachable fill out the characteristics that are shared with other gaming chairs.

However, although the armrests are fixed, it does come with a flip-up footrest, which allows it to more closely resemble a typical living room chair. When you add in moveable pockets on the side and cup holders, you have a chair that you won’t have to get off of very frequently.

In the event that you spend more time gaming in front of a large screen than you do in front of a computer monitor, the Merax Gaming Chair is a fantastic choice for you. A few high-quality elements may be readily integrated into a living room or home theater, resulting in an incredible amount of happiness. Be aware that there are a few areas where quality and design have suffered, especially in the fixed base and fabric casing.

Overall, the Merax is a good-looking white gaming chair that comes at a reasonable price. In the event that you are searching for a conventional gaming chair to complement your custom PC setup, this is most likely not the chair for you. However, if you’re searching for something to occupy your time on a console or in virtual reality, this should be at the top of your must-do list.


While this chair is not all white, it does have a gray base with white highlights, and it has a little GT racing flair to it as well.

Made of polyurethane and breathable fabric, it has a thick sponge and padded memory foam in the lumbar support, and it is very comfortable.

It is possible to adjust the armrests in four directions (up and down, forward and backward, left and right, and swiveling).

It is equipped with a durable class-4 gas lift that allows for a maximum height adjustment of 100mm.


It is extremely simple to build and install, and it is certainly suitable for gamers, according to the feedback from happy customers.

People who weigh less than 200 pounds and have a restricted budget may consider purchasing this chair, according to the manufacturer.


A good compromise between the traditional gaming chair and the office chair described above, this type is a good option.

It features a curved shape and is adjustable in height from 17 to 20.75 inches, making it a comfortable seat to sit in.

With a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs, it also features flip-up arms in case you don’t want them to get in the way.


Customer feedback has also been positive, and quality is considered to be one of the company’s strongest assets. It is very comfy, and it just takes a few minutes to put together.

Even though the pricing is fair for what you receive, some customers have complained about misaligned holes when putting it together.


Take a look at this model if you’re searching for a chair that is all white. The only black accents are located in the base of the seat, which is necessary since even the casters are made of white plastic material.

This model has high-quality PU leather and very comfy cushioning that is simple to clean.

The lifting mechanism is also very dependable, having passed a lifting test that included more than 100,000 modifications.

In order to guarantee smooth and safe lifting, a 4-level pneumatic rod and nitrogen filling are used to power the lifting mechanism.


As of right now, there are no customer reviews for this model.

To be sure, taking your chances with this model would be a wise decision since it seems to be robust and dependable, as well as having received an SGS certification from the makers.


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