APPLE WATCH specification

  1. Training / Stand Move calories
  2. Calories
  3. Steps
  4. Tracking Activity
  5. Heart Rate Estimated
  6. Heart Rest Rate
  7. Heart rate exercise
  8. 180 days of data trends
  9. Water-resistance + locking of water
  10. Bonus – less time for the screen.

I’m less on my phone – I’ve checked the time and weather for every time I reached my phone to find an Instagram or Facebook hole. My time on the screen has fallen since I now have two items that are readily accessible. Apple Watch wins in this instance. Less screen time Equals more productivity in other life areas.

I like Whoop as an exercise tracker. However, my competitive nature is moved by the rings on the apple watch – I want the rings closed every day:) You may select the number of moving calories you want to burn, the usual workout is 30 minutes – you cannot change the duration. The ring of the stand is about getting up and moving every hour. The exercise ring is nevertheless fascinating and helps to understand what is and is not classed as exercise.

I believe most individuals are reducing their work and do not notice the other half exercise which is not challenging – they have not worked hard or completed a training program they have not done.

Apple counts training with each complete minute of activity equal to or above the intensity of a quick stroll toward the objectives of your daily exercise and movement. This is measured in vigorous pushes for wheelchair users. Any action below this level merely counts towards your daily Move objective.

And last, the action commemorates and honors. I really like them. I like these a lot. The more you wear and utilize the apple watch, the more it can assist and understand you. Say if you’re a regular AM exercise and ahead of your objectives at 11 am and you’re not present here today, it’s going to ping you. Deep down and sitting too long, it reminds you to stand – I adore that. Based on how long you workout for one month, the net month target will be fresh.
The end result, the Apple Watch, is great if you want to work out exclusively. As a lifestyle health coach, I can tell you that for the reason stated above, this product is excellent, but lacks the overview of optimum health and performance. Whoop steps in here.

WHOOP specification

  1. Recommendation on sleep
  2. Performance of sleep
  3. Variability of the heart rate
  4. Heart rate 24/7
  5. A strain of day and activity
  6. Tracking Activity
  7. The rate of respiration
  8. Calories
  9. Recovery
  10. Journal
  11. Trends 60 days later
  12. Perceived exercise rate
  13. Weekly and monthly evaluation of performance
  14. Waterproof

Whoop, unlike any other fitness tracker, is neither a watch nor a podium meter. It goes far deeper on the market than anything.
As stated before, Whoop enters above all other fitness trackers and gives an overview of optimum health and performance.
Every morning, WHOOP spits your “recovery,” following your wake I prefer the word “preparation,” and your sleep is marked in time. WHOOP measures your rehabilitation using 4 physiological markers: variable heart rate (HRV), rest heart rate (RHR), sleep rate, and breathing rate. These measurements are calibrated into your baseline, so you may customize your recovery every day. Read it again. Read that again. “Every day personalized.”
No other fitness tracker customizes for you.
I adore WHOOP, therefore. In the world today, hard labor has gone to the next level, and boundaries are blurred between the two. Stress and other social factors are always high, and yet the majority continue to put undesirable stress on a body that is not healed and ready.
Sleep and recuperation techniques in the health and fitness industry are devalued and neglected. WHOOP gives you the data to assess your daily lives and to discover how to unleash your potential with the right sleep, exercise, and dietary habits to help you recover, be ready to work, perform, health, mood, attitude, and energy.
WHOOP has no steps to count. “We do not count the steps since we do not consider them to be important to your overall health and physiological performance.”
The bottom line, WHOOP, is for serious fitness and health lovers who want to maximize their health and fitness with comprehensive feedback and data.

whoop vs apple compare


Apple Watch and Whoop vary greatly in battery life and charging possibilities.
For whatever reason, my Apple Watch appears fairly fast to run out of power since I typically only get a full charge of one day or a half. Thus, at some point throughout the day I typically charge my Apple Watch to wear in the evening, but it can’t be easy to take it off and plugin every day.
The battery life of Whoop is significantly superior. I can typically go on a full charge for 4 or 5 days. Furthermore, Whoop includes a rechargeable battery back to charge as you wear it on your Whoop. So Whoop is intended to be worn 24 hours a day so that you never lose any data. I wash in it, I sleep in it, I swim in it.. it must never be taken away.


Apple was released with the September 2020 Apple Watch Series 6, which begins at $399 and goes higher from there. I have Series 4 myself and maybe looking to buy the newest version perhaps in the next year or so.
Instead of purchasing the gadget, Whoop is bought on a subscription. Plans start at $30 a month but reduce costs if you commit to membership for 12 or 18 months. If you use my link to register, you can receive your first month of membership free from the Whoop 3.0 strap. After about one month, I finally bought an improved strap (Caramel Lux Band with Gold) that costs $85. I felt it was better with my clothes and gems and appeared more feminine, which made me feel like I don’t have to take it away if I wore anything more dressing. For me, 85 dollars was absolutely worth it, and for four months now I have had the same strap. But you can always obtain a free strap using this link to get started. In the free choices like Sandstone and Quartz, they added a lot more hues, which were not free possibilities when I initially joined up!

Who should buy every one of them?

The WHOOP strap and the Apple Watch cannot be perfect for other audiences when you may be suffering from this issue yourself. Let’s break each one’s positive and con’s down:

Apple Watch – Pros

  • Extremely flexible * Send user-friendly and easy-to-understand* Send reminders that you will get up and exercise when you sit for a long period * * * * You may take use of supportive applications for particular issues * Interchangeable bands to match equipment * Can play music on your headphones so you don’t have to carry your phone into a workout

Apple Watch – Cons

  • Steps, calories and standing times are all rather useless fitness data and do not play a major influence in your outcomes or in your health.
  • Must remove the battery to charge, so it doesn’t measure 24 hours a day.
  • Measurements are not as precise as other devices since it is first a smart watch and second a fitness tracker

WHOOP – Pros

  • Higher accuracy for all devices * Includes coaching and development suggestions * No screen that causes additional distraction while training * Highly useful data to evaluate and enhance performance.
  • Recommendations for sleep and analysis

WHOOP – Cons

  • No music playing or anything else from the app, so you always have to have your phone * * Similar to Apple, caloric burn is not measured properly * Monthly subscription so you always have to pay * Less fashionable * Exclusively focused on performance, no cross features


I’d say the Apple Watch and Whoop are extremely different in order to compare everything. If you want a fitness band, Whoop is the sure way. Apple Watch is the way to go if you want a watch with a face and applications. I hardly barely wear my Apple Watch. I sleep there so I can utilize the alarm feature, and wear the alarm occasionally when I’m at home, but I never actually wear the Whoop even before I get it! When I went out, I often took it off since I thought that it didn’t match with my clothes (regardless of trying out tons of bands). I know it seems trivial, but I have small wrists and I’m feeling that the face of the watch was so odd. I like that Whoop doesn’t have a face, and the band wraps around so it simply mixes together. Another reason I hardly wore my Apple Watch was that it died so quickly. I would take it off and then forget to put it back on. I never had that problem with the Whoop since I don’t even take it off – plus the charge lasts much much longer. I know some people adore their Apple Watch, but I never really felt like I was getting into it. I’ve always had my phone with me, so I really didn’t need an additional gadget with the same functions like your phone. When it comes to Whoop, it provides new skills that I haven’t previously had, therefore I enjoy it. Every day, I check to see how much sleep I had, how much my body has recovered, how much I should go to bed that night, etc. I’ll say Cort always wears both his Whoop and Apple Watch. He likes both of them and doesn’t care how he wears them on both wrists. I presume personal preference! I hope it will help you answer your queries and offer you more information on the Whoop! I adore myself and am so happy Cort persuaded me to get one;) I love myself;


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